Dog Wash Business Opportunity

Community Living

More and more pet owners are moving into multi-family and retirement communities increasing the need for washing facilities.  Providing an area for dog washing is a valuable amenity that keeps pets healthier and homes cleaner.  Property managers can offer the dog wash as a complimentary service for residents or as a source of revenue for the building. Pet room accessories or pet vending machines can increase profits as an added benefit.



The car wash industry is how the K9000 was born. Originally created as a mini car wash for dogs, it has evolved into a top of the line dog wash. The K9000 is now a standard offering at most car wash locations and a key driver of customer traffic that utilizes associated services such as c-stores and gas stations. The physical footprint required to install a K9000 at a car wash is small compared to wash bays, allowing larger bang for buck potential for minimal investment.


Pet Business

Install a K9000 and you’ll quickly transform your business from a pet store to a destination for dog lovers.

The benefits of a machine are wide ranging. In fact, one of our owners said her machine had brought a sense of theatre to her pet store, giving them an opportunity to engage with our customers and introduce them to new products.

Because owners generally install their machine inside their store, the extra foot traffic will lead to extra sales of everyday products like pet food and pet care treatments. Regular customers will return to the store more often than if they were just purchasing dog food.

This has been proven by direct feedback from dozens of our happy independent Pet Store owners and also our National corporate customers who use the K9000 to complement their existing in store offerings.

The presence of the K9000 also provides scope for easy customer bonuses via loyalty programs, such as “Spend $50 in store to get a free self serve wash”. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Already offer Grooming – learn how you can promote both Grooming and self serve wash services.

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Vet Clinic/Pet hospital

Install a K9000 and you’ll quickly transform your business from a veterinary practice to a destination for dog lovers. One of our Vet Clinic owners described her machine as a “pampered pooch magnet” due to the increase in foot traffic it had driven for her business.

The K9000 often results in new clients for a practice, with owners who stop by to give their pup a wash often booking in for a check up at a later date.

As the machine is so complimentary to your Vet Clinic, the benefits will be wide ranging. Dog owners also tend to pick up treats and food after a wash, so over time your machine will actually generate more than just income from the wash.


Independent Dog Wash Store

A stand alone self serve Dogwash business would have been a pipe dream 15 years ago. Today, there are dozens of independent dog wash businesses that are operating in their own stand alone location, or adjacent to an existing unrelated business. The beauty of this type of business is that it can be run with very minimal labour by someone who also has a full time job. The K9000 creates a passive income stream that continues to work while you put up your feet and relax!

We have a large group of K9000 owners who have set up a network of machines that continue to grow - some with over 10 x sites, all being attached to sites that they do not own. It can work as a rental agreement with the site owner or they may choose to setup a revenue share arrangement. There are many options that can be negotiated. One thing we know for sure, is that you will be loving the K9000 and the passive income stream that it provides.

Learn more about how you can set up your own Dog Wash business.



The Laundromat industry is growing fast as people favour convenience and efficiency to get through their daily duties. Turning your laundromat into a one stop shop for washing dogs as well as clothes will not only increase foot traffic, but it will open up a new line of customers to utilize pet bedding machines and the like. We have seen several laundromats turn a section of their store into a pet wash and pet laundromat, providing a steady income stream all year round.


RV Park/Marina/Resort

Dogs are part of the family so it stands to reason that every member of the family should go on a family vacation or even a sailing trip. With many parks now offering pet friendly facilities, it’s a natural fit to provide an easy self serve dog wash solution for your guests and residents to keep their pets clean while away from home.

Install one of our pet pamper vending machines to add bonus amenities for your guests and additional revenue in your pocket. Many resort operators have started incorporating the K9000 into their marketing mix, including offers such as a free wash as a bonus for minimum booking length.

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The K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash allows Groomers to capture the entire dog washing market instead of just dogs that come in to get groomed. Groomers will increase customer traffic to their business and can cross-sell grooming and washing services. Because the K9000 is fully automated, it does not require monitoring which means Groomers can concentrate on providing grooming services while customers utilize the dog wash. It’s a fantastic way to expand a grooming business with a value added service that provides a solid revenue stream.

Click on the video link below to learn more about how you can benefit from providing both Grooming and self serve dog wash services.

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Why a K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash?

Adding a K9000 Self serve dog wash to your business presents an amazing opportunity to generate revenue. With 36.5% of Canadian households owning dogs, there exists an enormous market that is currently unserved. With costs per dog wash around $1.20-$1.50 and prices per wash ranging from $10-$15 for 10 minutes, introducing a dog wash is an excellent investment.  Prices are completely configurable so profit margins could be even greater, especially with the new bonus feature for adding additional time e.g. $4 for another 6 minutes.  Many customers add supplementary products to their pet wash area like our pet vending machines or pet bedding washers and dryers.  These are great products to offer a captive market.  For existing businesses, the increase in customer traffic also results in increases in overall revenue. Some see anything from 13% to over 40% in their first year.

You can potentially pay off your K9000 dog wash quickly and also obtain a healthy profit margin. Several of our customers have used the profits from their dog wash to purchase a second dog wash station.

Lease to own a K9000 dog wash

With our K9000 Leasing program you can pay affordable monthly payments while earning profits using the dog wash.  Leasing will help with cash flow and ensures your money stays in the business for operating expenses, payroll, expansion and emergencies.

By leasing you do not affect your future or current ability to borrow from a bank while conserving lines of credit and loans for other expenditure.

It also allows you to purchase more dog washes, and a better quality dog wash such as the K9000 than otherwise might have been affordable.

Leasing maintains a security interest in the equipment on lease only, while banks maintain a security interest on all company assets and require detailed financial disclosure of business and personal information.  Finally, monthly lease payments may have a taxable treatment – speak to your Accountant.

Calculate Your Return on Investment and Lease Payments
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 “We have just opened our new automotive and dog washing facility in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and recently purchased, received and installed our new Furever Clean K9000 dog washing unit. We are very impressed with how quick and easy it was to purchase and install the unit.  Evelyn Rutherford and Furever Clean have been exceptional in assisting with all details and questions we had. 10/10!

We couldn’t be happier with the K9000 unit, how well it works and how quick and easy it is to wash our dogs. Our customers love the unit. It easily cleans, conditions and dries their dogs in ten minutes or less. There is no quicker and effective dog washing equipment. Our Furever Clean dog treat vending machine provides delicious and healthy treats that dogs love,  and the machine is quick and easy to use. Thank you Evelyn and Furever Clean for your fantastic work.  Great job!!!”

 Alex Pittman, Owner, Mikiz Pitt Stop and Doggie Wash, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

“What influenced my decision to buy a K9000 was the Self Sufficiency of the self serve dog wash and its features. No bottles of shampoo to deal with,  a 2 speed drier etc. The K9000 is so easy to look after, that my staff can take care of both the customers and the tub.  All they do is a quick wipe here and there and the machine and the area stays clean and dry.  The K9000 has great visual impact, it is a feature that makes my overall business look nicer and neater .”

Mike Trimble, Owner, Woofys Pet Store,  Comox, British Columbia

The k9000 self serve dog wash is the quickest and most efficient way to get your dog clean, as a self serve dog wash! With the water and soap coming out of the hose at the same time, the dogs coat gets wet and lathered in a quarter the time it would take with a bath at home. I’ve personally have been able to fully clean my own 3 dogs (a 70lb boxer and 2 long haired dachshunds) in just 10 minutes!

Virginia, Manager, Woofys Pet Store,  Comox, British Columbia