Self-serve dog wash – A new trend in keeping dogs clean

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Self-serve dog wash – A new trend in keeping dogs clean

Until recent years, keeping your dog clean meant taking him to a costly groomer or dealing with the mess of bathing at home. Enter the K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash, a low-cost alternative to keeping your pooch smelling great without the mess and stress of other bathing options. With the number of dog owners increasing each year, the K9000 is an excellent way to “clean-up” in the booming pet industry.

Furever Clean, a family run company based in Victoria British Columbia, is the exclusive Canadian distributor for the K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash machine. The K9000, this Australian invention created in 2005, is a clever combination of a vending machine and a miniature car wash. Built to last with solid stainless steel, the machine is compact, durable and designed to withstand extreme temperatures in both indoor and outdoor locations. Space efficient and easy to install, the machine can be set up in a multitude of areas such as pet stores, grooming parlours, laundromats, campgrounds, car washes, vets, condo buildings, residential homes, free standing portables and more!

The K9000 operates independently, which is a great advantage to business owners. With configurable price and timer options and several payment features, the machine requires little maintenance other than occasional cleaning and product refills. Because the K9000 is so hands off, staffing is not required, and the machine can operate around the clock with no appointments necessary. Owners can create a separate after-hours entrance to their current business or open a stand alone store with timed door locks to allow customers to utilize dog washing services up to 24/7. Secure areas can be viewed at any time via a phone app while sales can be monitored online through the payment system.

Customers love the ease of using the K9000 and the convenience of tapping a credit or debit card as payment. Products (shampoo, flea shampoo, conditioner or rinse) dispense via a single spray gun and a choice of a 2-speed warm blow dryer completes the cycle. Once finished, a complimentary disinfect option allows the customer to sanitize the tub area for the next person. The entire process takes between 10-12 minutes depending on the size of the dog and the length of hair with the option of purchasing additional drying time. Up to 2 small or medium sized dogs can be washed in the tub at the same time on one cycle.

The K9000 presents a win-win for pet owners and businesses alike. Adding a K9000 to a business draws in new customers and can increase sales through strategic product exposure, cross promotion with other services, such as grooming, or as a reward for purchasing an item. Customers enjoy a convenient and economical service and business owners benefit from a continuous stream of revenue due to increased foot traffic. Dogs always need to be washed!

The hands-off nature of the K9000 has allowed businesse to continue operating during COVID with minor regulatory adjustments. With customers being more diligent about cleanliness, and with more people staying at home with time to walk their dogs, there has been a spike in utilizing dog wash services. While many businesses have struggled through the pandemic, self serve dog wash businesses have seen sales boom due to the convenience of offering a safe, contactless option for customers.

A self-serve dog wash can be a lucrative business and a great choice in the pet market. Maintenance is low and with a little creativity, the supplemental retail potential is wide open. There are endless pet owners with their dogs who need to be wash just waiting to become your next customers and boost your bottom line. Now that’s worth wagging about!

Take a look at those dogs having fun in the self serve dog washing machine from Furever Clean by clicking on this link: K9000 Dog Wash Fun – YouTube

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