Multi Family/Retirement Communities

More and more pet owners are moving into condo developments and retirement communities increasing the need for pet washing facilities.

Providing an area for dog washing is a valuable amenity that keeps pets healthier and homes cleaner. Plus Dog-washing stations provide renters and condo owners with an on-site amenity that’s a lot more practical and far less messy than bathing a pup in a ceramic or fiberglass tub intended for humans.

Often Pet washing is provided to tenants as a complimentary service.  One or more Pet Wash stations can be set up in a special Pet Room with other equipment such as Grooming tables and Dryers.  Alternatively, Pet wash stations are also added to heated parking areas alongside other amenities such as Car wash equipment.

In larger properties, Standard K9000 dog wash machines are set up with payment devices and tenants pay for the use of the dog wash. Pet room accessories or pet vending machines can increase profits as an added benefit.  The dog wash is often managed by the property management or strata of the building.  The price of the wash is sometimes set to just cover the costs or increased to make a profit.

Offering a self serve dog wash in condo developments or retirement homes eliminates the mess and difficulty of washing a dog in a bathtub or shower. It preserves property assets, allows for cleaner homes and common areas, and with a 3-part filtration system avoids blocked drains from excess pet hair.


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The team at Lifestyle Communities are well known in their sector as industry leaders, so it is no surprise that they saw the K9000 as an ideal addition to their Pet friendly over 50’s living communities.

With the standard of facilities and services being constantly added to the booming market for retirees in the Australian market, the K9000 was seen as a logical step for the Lifestyle team, who own and manage 18 x communities in Victoria.

The K9000 team worked with Lifestyle to provide a model of machine that would provide the high quality service that they wanted to offer their residents, while also meeting the budget for this exciting project.

Manager of Lifestyle Communities Berwick, Peter Newman said the K9000 machine was a breeze for residents to use, ensuring his valuable time wasn’t affected by any issues at the dogwash.

“It has been very popular since we installed the K9000, and it provides our residents with a really easy way to keep their furry friends clean, especially as most of the dogs here live inside with their owners”

“We provide the machine for our residents free to use, giving potential future residents another reason to choose Lifestyle when looking at their retirement living options.”


Peter Newman, Manager
LifestyleCommunities Berwick
Victoria, Australia




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