Why Condo Developments are going to the Dogs

Pet Wash

Why Condo Developments are going to the Dogs

Pet Baths – A growing trend in urban living

Pet friendly condo developers such as Ironclad Properties have caught on to a growing trend in urban living: The importance of pet amenities to potential homeowners. City dwellers love their pets and look for ways to keep their furry family members happy and healthy in a high rise.

Developers are finding new ways to lure pet owners to their multi-residential builds, adding pet amenities such as dog runs and pet wash areas as an attractive selling feature. Even older buildings are looking to retrofit to keep up.

Dog Wash grooming stations provide renters or condo owners with a smart solution to keeping their dogs clean, as bathing dogs can be tricky in showers and tubs designed for humans. With a pet wash, residents benefit from healthier pets and cleaner homes and common areas.

The K9000 Dog Wash machine

K9000 Dog Wash machine offers a one-stop-shop in self-serve washing with product dispenser and 2-speed dryer built in. Easy to install, the compact and robust K9000 fits just about anywhere there is water, power and a drain. Popular locations include heated underground parking lots, laundry rooms and dog wash rooms.

Residents can wash and dry their dogs themselves in just a few minutes at their convenience. Unlike built in tubs, the K9000 comes with a 3-part filtration system to catch hair, and a disinfect cycle to reduce cleaning requirements. Other than the occasional shampoo top ups and emptying of filter, the K9000 is extremely low maintenance.

The K9000 comes in a variety of models with customizable decals to show off your brand. With configurable payment options you can either offer washes as a free amenity or charge a nominal fee as ongoing revenue for property managers or strata or to pay off the investment.

Why are pet amenities important

Including pet amenities is definitely a trend that will continue, and for developers, the idea of providing pet washes is just one more way to appeal to consumers.

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