Five Easy Steps to setting up your Dog Wash Business

Moving a dog wash into a building

Five Easy Steps to setting up your Dog Wash Business

Setting up your Dog Wash business is easier than you think! Consider these five helpful steps to get you up and running.

STEP 1: Location, location, location

Choosing the right location for your Dog Wash should be your top priority.  A good location will increase your visibility and drive traffic to your business. The ideal location is somewhere close to busy shops, dog parks or other pet businesses with lots of street exposure and ideally parking. Make sure that your prospective business is zoned for dog washing and complies with local bylaws.  Before signing any leases – check with an Electrician and Plumber to make sure your new location is capable of supplying the Water and Power necessary to run the dog wash machine (s). Technical specifications are available for this purpose.

STEP 2: Designing your dog wash space

Now that you have selected the perfect location for your business, consider how to design the space for your dog wash machine and other services.   The simplest and most cost-effective option is to place your machine(s) as close to plumbing and electrical connections as possible. Consult with both a plumber and electrician to determine the best location for your dog wash and any other services you might be considering (for example a pet washer and dryer or a vending machine) and discuss any preparations/upgrades necessary before the dog wash arrives.

STEP 3: Water and power basics 

The machine requires a sufficient supply of hot and cold water to continuously wash dogs. You can either connect to an existing hot water tank, or Furever Clean can install an onboard hot water heater. A Standard machine will draw about 40-60 litres of water per wash (approximately 5 minutes of use). The Dog Wash has an inbuilt tempering value which will mix the cold and hot water to get it to just the right temperature for animal bathing.

The dog wash machine comes in 110v, 208v and 240v. The higher the voltage the better performance you can expect from your dog wash.

STEP 4: Your dog wash area will get wet!

Make sure that your floor is durable enough to withstand excess water. Situate the machine as close to a drain as possible, or if that is not an option, have the floor slope down slightly towards the nearest drain.

An HVAC system does a good job of drying wet areas quickly and is a great way to keep your dog wash area cool in Summer and warm in Winter. Another option is to install a fan or a dehumidifier.

You may want to consider placing a rubber non-slip mat in front of your dog wash for the safety of your customers.

STEP 5: Receiving, installing and commissioning

Dog Wash machines are heavy – when your machine arrives, be prepared. You will need a pallet jack/dollies and multiple hands to help move the machine inside your location. Once in place, have your plumber and electrician install your machine.

Once installed, you can now ready the machine for customer use. During Commissioning, Furever Clean will work with you to ensure the machine is level, products are dispensing through the wash gun, water pressure and temperature are correctly set. All your configuration settings are working as well as your payment systems. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about how your machine works and how to maintain and clean it. We also have helpful guides and videos for all aspects of machine operations.

Once commissioning is complete your 2 year warranty is in effect and you are ready to go!

Our Furever Clean team is on hand to support you every step of the way. Contact us for more information about how to set up your Dog Wash business today!

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