Car Wash/C-Store/Gas Station

Car washes are often self serve and operate with minimal staff.  Dog washes match this type of model with minimal maintenance and cleaning requirements.

Adding a dog wash to a car wash makes perfect sense as they are complementary services. Visiting the gas station or car wash becomes an all-in one-experience.  You can fill up with gas, wash the car and wash your dog all in one convenient location. This is an attractive feature as customers are always looking for ways to save time and money.

Owners can promote their car wash services with the Dog Wash by offering customers incentives such as “buy 5 car washes and get a free dog wash”. Packages add value for your customers and will encourage them to purchase more car washes while at the same time bringing repeat business to the Dog Wash.

If you have a convenience store, a Dog Wash is an opportunity for your customers to purchase food, drinks or other necessities after washing their dog. This increase in foot traffic means more sales and more revenue in your pocket.

A Dog Wash is an excellent advertising tool that can be used to cross promote your current services, expose your customers to new products and boost your bottom line.



Dog wash for car wash
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We have just opened our new automotive and dog washing facility in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and recently purchased, received and installed our new Furever Clean K9000 dog washing unit. We are very impressed with how quick and easy it was to purchase and install the unit. Evelyn Rutherford and Furever Clean have been exceptional in assisting with all details and questions we had. 10/10!

We couldn’t be happier with the K9000 unit, how well it works and how quick and easy it is to wash our dogs. Our customers love the unit. It easily cleans, conditions and dries their dogs in ten minutes or less. There is no quicker and effective dog washing equipment. Our Furever Clean dog treat vending machine provides delicious and healthy treats that dogs love, and the machine is quick and easy to use. Thank you Evelyn and Furever Clean for your fantastic work. Great job!!!”

Alex Pittman, Owner
Mikiz Pitt Stop and Doggie Wash
Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Car Wash testimonial
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As the owner of Mississippi Jacks Car Wash, I know a thing or two about the car wash industry and was really excited about the idea of adding a car wash for dogs! 

My customers love the convenience and ease of being able to wash their car and their dog in one location.

My two machines are very handy and I didn’t realize just how quickly my customers could wash their dogs; they are in and out in minutes! I am impressed with the durability of my machines and just how low maintenance they are, other than the occasional replacement of the wash guns there is very little to do. The machines are located at the back of my convenience store and catch the eye of customers who come into my store which is a great selling feature! I am very happy with my K9000 machine purchases, it’s been a great investment choice for my business!

Sam Kumar, Owner
Mississippi Jacks Car Wash
Sherwood Park, Alberta

Add a dog wash to your car wash
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Our Car Wash company purchased the K9000 as we loved the design and operation of the Dog Wash. Being a Canadian company, Furever Clean’s pricing was very competitive which made it even more appealing.

After having owned our Dog Wash for the past year and half, it still looks brand new thanks to the machine being easy to clean and maintain. We love how reliable the Dog Wash is with zero breakdowns since purchase. It has supplemented our car wash business as a valuable multi-purpose stop for our customers who enjoy being able to come in and wash their vehicles and their dogs at the same time.

I 100% recommend the K9000 to anyone looking to increase their current customer base and add a new line of revenue to their business.

Devon Hoff, Owner
Devo’s Car Wash
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan


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