Classic Pet Wash Tubs

High Quality Pet Wash Tubs with Warranty

Our high quality pet wash tubs are constructed of 14-gauge type 304 stainless steel and feature fully welded construction with a 1 year warranty.
These beautiful finished pet wash stations are in use every day in thousands of locations all over the world.




Available in sizes from 48″ – 60″

Choose from Right or Left hand plumbing. Our pet tubs have multiple permanently welded tethering points and built-in leg levellers to allow height adjustment. They come with several important features to enhance the dog bathing experience.

The built-in, high-capacity Hair Catching System on certain tub models helps keep pet hair out of drains

  • This patented design is built into the tub at the time of construction, and consists of an integral drain recess, spanning the entire width (front to back) of the tub on the drain end, with a lift-out stainless steel fine-mesh basket that screens hair and debris before it reaches the drain.
  • Special tuck-under feature ensures ALL water must flow through the Hair Catching Basket before going down the drain. (Available on certain packages/sizes only).

The sturdy Elevating Platforms with Comfort Mats are especially designed to be pet friendly

  • The Platform has a thick PVC coating that reduces the risk of caught toenails and pads. Moreover, the comfort mat with drainage holes gives animals a more reassuring surface to stand on.  So, the Elevating Platform System makes it easy to bathe pets at the height most comfortable for both the pet and the pet owner.
  • For larger dogs, put the platform system on the tub bottom. For smaller animals, simply lift the platform, turn it 90 degrees and place it on the front and back ledges to bridge across at a higher level. With the Elevating Platform System, your tub can be used as an all-in-one Bathing and Brushing Center.
Elevated platform

Keep your shampoos and tools within easy reach with our Bottle and Tool Holder Trays

Designed with a back slot to slip easily and securely onto the top back of the tub. Just lift up for easy removal. Corners are open to allow for drainage so liquid does not accumulate in the tray. (larger tubs come with 2 trays)

Bottle and Tool holder for edge of pet tub

Choice of Quality or Lightweight Faucets

Includes automatic shutoff, hanger hook with mounting hardware, built-in spring checks to prevent crossflow of water, and built-in backflow preventer.

Faucet for dog bath
Faucet for dog bath

Optional Deluxe Quality or Deluxe Lightweight Faucets

With wall-mounted mixing faucet, backflow preventer, and flexible stainless steel or lightweight coiled hose and angled chrome-plated brass or aluminum spray valve with automatic shutoff. Includes 8” add-on gooseneck spout. Built in spring checks to prevent crossflow of water. Hanger hook with mounting hardware included.

Deluxe quality faucet for dog bath
Deluxe lightweight faucet for dog tub

Want to add payment options to your pet wash? See our K9000 range

Interested in Electric / Economy pet baths? See our Economy Pet Bath range

Complete Your Pet Room With A Pet Dryer

Our Dryer has a great deal of power packed into its innovative design

Our dryers can cut drying time as much as 80%.  Just flip the switch and literally blast water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently. Moreover, these pet dryers are perfectly safe.  Because they have no heating element they dry even heavy-coated dogs without drying out their coasts.

Pet dryers

Looking for spare parts? We are happy to help.