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Furever Clean came about as an answer to a lot of fur and a constantly dirty bath tub.

In 2014, the newest member of the Rutherford family arrived in the form of a very fluffy 12-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Odin. As he grew bigger, keeping him clean became a daily challenge. In 2016, owners Evelyn and Derek Rutherford stumbled across the K9000 dog wash machine, a car wash industry concept specifically adapted for dog washing. They immediately jumped at the opportunity and Furever Clean was born.

At Furever Clean, we not only support our clients and their dirty, furry friends but also passionately support animal welfare groups and organizations around the world.

K9000 Dog Wash Machine

The K9000 Dog Wash was born in regional Australia in 2005 and created a revolutionary new market in DIY Dog Washing that changed the way that people clean their dogs.

As the Canadian distributor of the K9000, we represent an international team of DIY dog washing experts with thousands of units sold across the globe. Our machines have proven to be successful in a wide range of industry placements, from its origins in the Car Wash industry, to pet stores, pet businesses, vet clinics, laundromats, RV parks and marinas, gas stations, convenience stores, condo developments, residential homes and stand-alone Dog Wash stores.

Our vision is to provide a trustworthy and reliable product that offers a high-quality experience for dog wash customers and a profitable return on investment for business owners. The reliability of our fleet is at the heart of our reputation with the first K9000 installed in 2005 continuing to operate flawlessly and profitably for over 15 years.

The K9000 continues to innovate and evolve, with new models and improvements always in motion. The refinement and evolution of our range is the result of valuable feedback from our clients paired with our passion for excellence.

Not only do we sell the world’s most popular self-serve Dog Wash, we stand by our products with full after sales service and phone support. As a valued client you can rely on our exceptional customer service team for all your business needs.

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Since Furever Clean began we have expanded our range of products to include Classic Pet Wash Tubs, Pet Room Accessories, Pet Vending Machines and Pet Grooming Supplies. Our Modular Dog Wash Buildings offer a fully furnished and ready to go space for your Dog Wash Machine. We are a one stop shop for all your pet grooming and dog washing needs.

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Evelyn and Derek Rutherford

Owners, Furever Clean Dog Wash