Vending Machines

Our Furever Love Vending Machines are a great way to earn additional revenue from  your Pet Wash area.  We offer Wall Mounted and Standing machines filled with a constant supply of interesting and healthy options for pets.

Wall Mounted Pet Pamper Centre

Our bright and Pet Friendly Wall Mounted Pet Pamper Centre can be mounted on the wall near to your pet wash.  It also vends 3 types of products, each with their own pricing.  Each column allows for 24 of each product.  Inserts describing each product are placed in clear pockets on the outside of each column.  Moreover, these pockets describe the product and its ingredients and are replaced every time a new and different product is added to the machine.

Customers are prompted with easy to read instructions on how to use the machine as words scroll across the display.   Operates on 24 volt AC power, transformer is extra.


  • LED display shows vend price setting, amount inserted, vend sales counter, etc
  • Automatic shelf drop – no handles to push or pull
  • Stainless steel cabinet, door & security frame assembly
  • Price setting is easily changed
  • Built in vend counter to track total vends
  • Comes with Nayax credit/debit reader linked to online system to track sales
  • Decal Included
  • Option of Coin acceptor


19 ¼ x 12 ¼ x 42″

wall mounted vending machine

Standing Pet Pamper Centre

Satisfy the Impulse buyer and install our 3 Ft wide standing Pet Pamper Centre.  This vending machine is just perfect for small spaces – put it in your pet wash area or in the lobby of your condo.  It is narrow, non-insulated, non-refrigerated and saves money and space.  It comes with our bright, pet friendly decal. Can hold up to 23+ different items with multiples of each.


  • Sensit® patented guaranteed delivery system
  • State of the art electronics
  • 3 year warranty for board
  • 1 year warranty on other parts – except fluorescent bulbs, glass and paint finish
  • Enhanced value vend
  • Options of credit/debit reader/coin acceptor
  • Optional customizable decal


Width:  28.5″
Height: 72″
Depth:  29.5″

Pet treat free standing machine

Pet Pamper Centre Products

We provide an extensive range of Furever Love vending products for both dogs and cats, that we are continuously expanding.

Product types include:

  • Healthy and nutritious treats and meals
  • Pet supplies like cat litter liners, doggie poop bags, designer poop bag holders, leashes, led lights, paw waxetc.
  • Small toys for dogs and cats
  • Grooming items – like small bottles of  shampoo, conditioner, spritzers, face wipes, etc

We continuously rotate products based on season and demand, to keep our customers happy and interested in our products.

Grandpaws natural dog treat

Property Developers

Are you a PROPERTY DEVELOPER and not sure which tub to purchase for your property development?

Contact us a for a Pet Wash Product Catalogue and Product Pricing