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An independent Self Serve Dog Wash Store is a fantastic opportunity to run your own business with minimal effort. Independent dog wash stores can operate in their own stand-alone locations or adjacent to an existing unrelated  business. We also offer all-in-one Dog Wash buildings. If you own vacant commercial space this is an ideal opportunity to use that space for a dog wash store as it requires very little oversight and yields a positive return on investment.

A dog wash store can be set up to provide self serve dog washes only, or you can offer additional services such as light grooming, pet laundry and “we wash” options.  Additional revenue can also be made by selling over the counter pet supplies or adding Pet Vending machines filled with treats, toys and grooming aides.

Who should open a Dog Wash Store?

The beauty of this type of business is that it can be run with minimal labour by anyone who is looking for an easy to operate investment. Whether you work a full-time job, part-time job or are retired, this business is for you! It can be run 24/7 with no staff in the store – allowing customers the flexibility to wash their dogs at their convenience.  The K9000 creates a passive income stream that continues to work for you while you put up your feet and relax!

We have a large group of K9000 owners who have set up a network of machines that continue to grow – some with over 10 locations, all being attached to sites that they do not own. It can work as a rental agreement with the site owner, or they may choose to setup a revenue share arrangement. There are many options that can be negotiated. One thing we know for sure, is that you will love the K9000 and the constant income stream that it provides.

Want to open your own dog wash store? Download our helpful guides.

Guide to Opening your own K9000 Dog Wash Business


Guide to opening your own K9000 dog wash business

Guide pour ouvrir votre Entreprise de-lave chiens K9000




Shopping mall dog wash
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I own a commercial building and wanted to generate additional foot traffic for my tenants. I wanted to offer a unique, one-of-a-kind service that would enhance our small community and add benefit to its members. Our Dog Wash is currently the only pet wash available in town. What I love most about the K9000 is that it is completely self-sufficient and I don’t have to staff it. There is definitely more traffic to our property since we opened and an increased awareness of the other services provided by our building tenants. Visitors who bring in their pets for a wash are exposed to stores they may not have previously noticed had it not been for the Dog Wash. Our primary goal when purchasing the K9000 was to bring more people and awareness to our building and it has done just that. If you are looking for an investment that will boost your business visibility, the K9000 is an excellent choice.

Carol Dirom, Owner
Rendezvous Place
Port Hardy, British Columbia

K9000 Dog wash store
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The central focus of our business is our dog wash, so making sure we picked the right one was integral to the success of Dirty Pawz. We wanted a self-sufficient, reliable machine that allowed us to keep our operational costs as low as possible. We chose the K9000 because it hit all the check marks. The machine is well built and perfect for a self-serve environment. With its 3 part filtration system and free disinfect cycle, we can ensure a safe and sanitary experience for our customers. Not only was the K9000 an ideal choice for our busy pet business in Toronto , but the pre and post sales support is excellent. We have purchased three machines to date all of which were beautifully customized with our Dirty Pawz brand. We are incredibly happy with the K9000 Dog Wash.

Ryan Chong, Owner
Dirty Pawz Dog Wash
Toronto, Ontario

Dog washing
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We opened our dog wash store in Victoria, BC in 2017. It was a completely new concept that was immediately embraced by the local dog lover community. Since that time, we have received hundreds of requests from customers looking for a dog wash store in their own city.

What I love most about owning a K9000 Dog Wash store is how easy it is to run with very little oversight. We are able to offer extended hours from early morning to late night, seven days a week, due to a self-timed door that opens and locks on its own.

The Dog Wash machines require minimal maintenance and no full-time staff are needed making it an ideal business for anyone looking for a hassle-free, passive income stream.

Evelyn Rutherford, Owner
Furever Clean Dog Wash
Victoria West, British Columbia



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