Grooming table

This well constructed table will give you years and years of professional service. 

Package Includes:

  • Dimensions: 49” x 26”
  • Features a high caliber steel construction and can go as low as 8” and as high as 40”
  • Powered by Denmark Linax Actuator and Transformer
  • Crossbar Grooming post includes 2 x grooming loops
  • Weight limit of 275 lbs – more than enough for most breeds
  • The tabletop is removable for easy cleaning
  • Sold without dryer


Electric grooming table

This 49” X 26” Electric Pro Version is extremely stable and sturdy with an exceptional broad lifting range. Powered by Denmark Linak Actuator and Transformer.

  • Table height adjusts from 11” to 48”
  • Comes with tools organizing rail, drawer, power receptables and USB
  • Removable table top – easily cleaned and refreshed
  • Water resistant up-down foot pedal
  • Welded grooming arm clamps fixed on both ends of top frame to ensure that the arms stay firmly in place
  • Included: overhead grooming arms, adjustable leveler feet.
  • Load capacity of 280 lbs
  • Sold without dryer

Sturdy Pet Grooming Table (S-102026)

Grooming table

Your pets will love our 54”x 24”x 34” quality, comfortable drying and grooming table. This  sturdy grooming table is ideal for drying and grooming pets. It is available with options of leg bracing and stainless steel undershelf.


  • 16 gauge stainless steel

  • Removable rubber mat makes cleaning easy

  • Adjustable grooming arm 

  • Sold without dryer


Pet Grooming table

54″ x 24″ Stainless Steel Drying & Brushing table / 34″ High / ADA Compliant / Includes Comfort Pad / Arm & Clamp Attachment Devices / Table Restraint

Dry, brush, comb, and beautify your pet on this sturdy stainless steel Drying and Brushing Table. Your pet will love standing on the relaxing, soft, non-absorbent comfort pad tabletop. The pad lifts out for easy cleanup.

Specifications: 14-gauge stainless steel, built-in table top recess for insertion of Comfort Pad. Reinforced on both ends for attachment of restraint devices.

Package Includes:

  • Drying & Brushing Table
  • Comfort Pad Top
  • Professional-quality restraint system
  • Sold without dryer


Grooming table

52″ x 24″ Stainless Steel All-In-One Drying/Brushing/Grooming Station / Enclosed on Three Sides / ADA Compliant / Includes Comfort Pad / Built-in Attachment Points / Table Restraint / Tool Holder.

Side walls and back riser for animal confinement, plus multiple restraint points make using this Pet Care Station a safe and comfortable experience for both pets and people.

  • 14-gauge stainless steel table structure with a 12-gauge stainless steel surround welded on – virtually indestructible.
  • Beautifully finished, no sharp edges.
  • Built-in recess holds a removable, non-absorbent comfort pad – the most comfortable surface for pets to stand on. Gives animals traction and comfort – no more panic caused by trying to find footing on a slick surface. No more cold and sore feet from standing on a hard cold metal surface.
  • Eleven fully-welded restraint points on sides and back for restraint tethers. No need to adjust and manipulate restraint devices.
  • Removable backriser-mounted tool holder tray included.
  • ADA compliant.
  • Sold without dryer


We provide a variety of Grooming Stools to complement your Grooming Table
and provided added comfort

  • Stable metal base coated with polished chrome
  • Smooth rolling casters
  • Foot rest ring
  • Air lift mechanism raises the stool from 21 ¼” to 24.5”
Grooming Stool with Backrest



  • Light and easy to clean
  • Very comfortable with lever underneath. Allows for height adjustment between 23” to 33”
  • On wheels, it will follow your every movement
Grooming stools


Saddle stool


The saddle stool has a much more comfortable and ergonomic design than most work stools and chairs. Relieves the stress on back and spine caused by sitting for long periods.

  • Constructed from durable faux leather fabric,
  • Chrome plated metal base and smooth rolling casters
  • Lifting ranges from 21 ¼” to 25 ¼”
Pet Dryers

Complete your Pet Room with a robust Pet Dryer

Our Pet Dryers have a great deal of power packed into an innovative design. 

Our Pet dryers can cut drying time as much as 80%. Just flip the switch and literally blast water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently.

The pet dryers are perfectly safe. They have no heating element so they dry even heavy-coated dogs without drying out their coats.

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