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Canada is a pet loving country with 36% of all households owning one or more dogs.

To us, our dogs are more than just pets, they are one of the family.

With our beautiful landscapes of forests, oceans and lakes we spend a lot of time outside being active with our dogs and keeping them clean can be a challenge. Washing dogs at home is messy and frequent trips to groomers can be expensive, so dog owners look for alternatives to keep their dogs clean.

Furever Clean is the Canadian distributor for the K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash system.

The K9000 is manufactured in Warrnambool, Australia, by Atlantic Industries. It was designed in 2005 and is sold in countries around the world such as Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, North America, New Zealand, Chile and Singapore.  Furever Clean also own and operate their own Self  Serve Dog Wash store.

The K9000 makes washing dogs simple.

It provides an easy to use and convenient way for people to wash, condition and dry dogs of all sizes in a short period of time.

Dogs and their owners love the K9000 with its non-slip floor coating and adjustable heated dryer for long and short haired dogs. Keep your best friend clean and smelling fresh using natural shampoos and products designed for the most sensitive of skins. These extra touches will have you coming back to the K9000 Dog Wash every time.

For businesses, the K9000 is an excellent revenue generator with a quick return on investment. Since 2005, thousands of K9000 units have been sold, making it the world wide leader of self serve dog wash stations. Whether you are a pet store, car wash, service station, convenience store, pet friendly resort/apartment, vet clinic, laundromat, zoo, hardware store or other type of business, your customers will love your K9000 Dog Wash and you will love the benefits it provides your business.

About The K9000

The K9000 Dog Wash Station is manufactured in Australia.

It was designed and constructed using the robust technologies and construction techniques of the car wash market which were modified and adapted to suit dog washing. The K9000 is constructed from heavy duty, high quality stainless steel with bright, eye catching decals providing a superior finish and longevity. The machine is highly durable to cope with all work loads and conditions and requires little maintenance and repairs. It comes with adjustable feet for easy assembly.

Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity

Growing your customer base and maximizing revenue are some of the everyday challenges of running a business. It is also important to differentiate from your competitors while ensuring customer needs are met. Adding a K9000 Dog Wash Station to your existing business – either indoors or outdoors – will help you achieve these goals.

Learn More About How The K9000 Can Grow Your Revenue

Dog Wash Locator

Dog Wash Locator

Use our Find a Dog Wash Locator to find a K9000 Dog Wash Station close to you. Watch this space as we continue to expand across Canada.

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K9000 News Update

If you are a business owner or looking to start your own business, consider adding the highly profitable, easy to maintain K9000 to your location or residential community.

Read recent K9000 News about how the K9000 is taking North America by storm

K9000 News Update

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