Why Your Campground Needs a Pet Wash Area

Cleaning your dog while camping

Why Your Campground Needs a Pet Wash Area

Did you know that as of 2021, more than half of all Canadian households own one or more pets? Pets are a big part of the family, with many owners bringing their furry members along with them on their annual vacation.  

If you run a campground or RV park, chances are you’ve got some pet-friendly policies in place. Maybe you allow leashed dogs on your grounds, or perhaps you have a designated off-leash or pet agility area. But even the most pet-friendly campgrounds can be improved by adding one simple amenity: a pet wash area.

A pet wash area is a great way to show your guests that you care about their pets’ comfort and well-being by giving them a place to clean their pets before they come back to their RV or campsite. This helps to keep small spaces clean and tidy, and it also helps prevent the spread of dirt and diseases.

Think about it—when your guests are out camping, their pets are likely to get dirty. Even if they’re mostly staying in an RV, tent, or cabin, there’s still a good chance they’ll end up with some mud on their paws (or worse). Even the most well-behaved dogs love to explore and can’t resist a good roll in the dirt, swimming in the lake, or getting sandy at the beach when they’re outdoors.

That’s where a pet wash area comes in. By providing a place for your guests to wash their pets, you’re making their lives easier by preventing a wet or smelly dog from dirtying up their RV, cabin, or tent. Your guests can enjoy the convenience of cleaner pets and camping spaces without the hassle and expense of finding a groomer on short notice, while you benefit from an additional stream of revenue for your business.

Plus, a pet wash area is a great way to show your guests that you’re truly pet-friendly. It’s a highly valuable and appreciated amenity that will let your guests know that you care about their furry friends just as much as they do. And when it comes time to choose a campground, that extra bit of pet-friendly hospitality can make all the difference.

Furever Clean caters specifically to the campground and RV park industry with a variety of pet tubs ranging from revenue-generating premium dog wash machines to budget-friendly economy tubs. For those looking to add a basic pet wash as a free amenity for guests, prices start at around $2,200 and up with plastic, stainless steel, and even Build-A-Bath options.

If you’re looking to satisfy your guests and bring in a solid revenue stream, Furever Clean’s K9000 Self-Dog Dog Wash machine is an ideal option. Starting at $19,000 and up, the K9000 is an all-in-one, standalone station that operates on its own, 24/7. Install in an outdoor shelter for use during the busy summer months or create an indoor pet wash area and offer paid or free washes year-round.

Key benefits of the K9000 include:

  • Dog washes are self-serve, so guests can use them at their convenience
  • The machines are hands-off, with no staffing required
  • Payment devices can be added to the machine, or pet owners can purchase a dog wash token from the office 
  • Alternatively, the machine can operate as a free amenity
  • Wash products and a 2-speed high-velocity blow dryer are conveniently built-in
  • A 3-part filtration system traps hair and dirt and prevents blocked drains
  • There is a bonus free disinfection cycle for guests to clean the tub after each use

Short on space?  Furever Clean has the pawfect solution with their ready-made Dog Wash house. Fully insulated and plumbed, the Dog Wash house comes in a single 8’x 12′ size or twin 8′ x 16′. 

Purchase outright or on lease to own and pay off your Dog Wash machine or Dog Wash house over 5 years. With as little as 2-4 dogs being washed per day, your lease payment is easily covered, and you can watch your profits start rolling in. 

Increase your revenue even more with a pet vending machine so your guests can purchase treats and toys for their dogs throughout the day. Furever Clean offers standing and wall-mounted vending machines as well as a complete line of pet accessories to complement your pet wash area.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your campground or earn a new revenue stream, show your guests that you’re the pet-friendly destination of choice by adding a pet wash area. It’s a small investment that can pay big dividends—for you, your campground, and your guests.

Extend a paw and talk to us about adding a pet tub to your campground. Call 2502179433 or contact us on our website.

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