Build A Bath

Basic pet tub


Looking to build something special for your Pet Business or Residence? 

Start with our Basic Tub, choose the size your want and then add the features you feel are most important for an enhanced
pet washing experience.

Constructed from heavy-duty 16 gauge, type 304 stainless steel, our Build-a-Bath pet tubs are fully welded with ground and polished joints. They have no sharp edges or hard-to-clean crevasses.

The removable legs are equipped with adjustable levelling feet for uneven floors. The extra high backsplash and tapered side panels minimize water spray and splashes and have 2 tether hooks to secure your pet. The basic tub has a boxed front edge for comfort and safety with non skid, removable rubber matting for the floor and center drain to promote drainage

These high quality tubs are built to order and have a variety of features to suit your needs. Speak to us about CSA compliant tubs and any CUSTOM requirements you have.  


Available in following sizes

Customize Your Bath Tub

Reinforced pet tub bracing

Leg Bracing

Reinforcing (front-to-back) leg bracing adds stability to larger units

Pet tub side panel

Extended Side Panel

The extended side panel adds extra wall protection from water splashes

Access door for pet tub

Access Door

Left or Right access door allows for ease of entry for larger breeds

Step stool

Step Stool

The step stool is lightweight and easy to climb up

Pet tub ramp


The 48″ long ramp features non-slip strips for ease of use

Step stairs for pet tub

Step Stairs

The 3-step stairs are 10.5″D x 17.5″W with non-slip strips

Ramp rack

Ramp Rack

The full-length ramp rack supports the 48″ ramp or 3-step stairs

Ramp storage hooks

Ramp Storage Hooks

The storage hooks allow you to hang the ramp out of the way during bathing

Perforated shelf

Perforated Platform

The perforated pet tub work shelf helps reduce back strain while bathing smaller breeds

Shampoo holder for pets

Shampoo Holder

Store your soaps, shampoos, and tools within reach with the shampoo/tool holder

Drain strainer

Inline Drain Strainer

The removable inline strainer will catch hair before it goes down the drain

Pet towel rack

Pet Towel Rack

Accessorize your pet room with a rack to hold leases, towels and coats

8 inch pet tub faucet


Add a faucet to the side or center of the pet tub. Available with add on features.

Faucet guard

Faucet Cover

The Faucet cover avoids accidental burns from scalding water

Happy dog with soap on head

Want to add payment options to your pet wash?
See our K9000 range

Interested in Electric / Economy pet baths?
See our Economy Pet Bath range

Complete Your Pet Room With A Pet Dryer

Our Dryer has a great deal of power packed into its innovative design

Our dryers can cut drying time as much as 80%.  Just flip the switch and literally blast water off the wettest dogs, faster and more efficiently. Moreover, these pet dryers are perfectly safe.  Because they have no heating element they dry even heavy-coated dogs without drying out their coasts.

Pet dryers

Property Developers

Are you a PROPERTY DEVELOPER and not sure which tub to purchase for your property development?

Contact us a for a Pet Wash Product Catalogue and Product Pricing