ABS DWV Inline Drain Strainer



ABS DWV Inline Drain Strainer features:

  • Horizontal or vertical installation
  • Can replace p-trap where allowable by local Code
  • Easy access: Unscrew access, remove and rinse, replace cap and filter assembly – that’s it!
  • Molded in durable ABS
  • C-IAMPO (IGC-267) Approved
  • Filter screen has 10 times the open area of the inlet/outlet connection, maximizing service interval

Pricing excludes shipping and taxes


Work through the following options and Add to Quote the features would like to have, to enhance your pet washing experience. We will respond with a full quote including shipping and taxes.

  1. Choose your tub size
  2. If you are going to wash dogs 60 lbs and over select Reinforcing Leg Bracing for your tub
  3. If you wish to have Right or Left plumbing instead of Centre plumbing add an Extended side panel
  4. Would you like an Access Door?   Select a Step Stool.
  5. Would you like a Ramp?  Or would you prefer Stairs?
  6. Do you want the Ramp or Stairs without the access door? You will need to add a Ramp/Stair Rack
  7. Would you like to hang your Ramp up during bathing?  Select Ramp storage hooks
  8. Would you like a perforated platform that enables you to raise the floor for smaller dogs?
  9. Would you like a shampoo/bottle holder? 
  10. Would you like an inline drain strainer? Select from this page.
  11. Choose a faucet
  12. Consider adding a cover over the faucets to protect your pup
  13. Add a Pet towel rack to your pet room