The Laundromat industry is growing fast as people favour convenience and efficiency to get through their daily duties. Turning your laundromat into a one stop shop for washing dogs as well as clothes will not only increase foot traffic, but it will open up a new line of customers to utilize pet bedding machines and the like. We have seen several laundromats turn a section of their store into a pet wash and pet laundromat, providing a steady income stream all year round.

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The Wash Up in Albury NSW is a state of the art laundromat facility that has set a new standard for the industry in more ways than one. The integration of pet washing into a laundromat and pet laundry facilities is on the rise and the team from The Wash Up is front and centre of this revolution. Fiona McDonald, owner of The Wash Up is so confident that the K9000 is good for her business, that she already has plans for expansion in new sites and territories. “Our customers love the Twin K9000 machine, it ties in so well with our laundromat services”, Fiona said. “Being able to wash the dog, along with their pet bedding all at the one place makes it an easy choice for a customer to do everything in the one place” “Convenience is such a factor these days with the busy lives we all lead, that is why it just makes sense for us to provide the service. Our customers love the fact that the messy job of washing dogs and their bedding can be done somewhere other than home.” The K9000 team also assisted The Wash Up when there were some initial site plumbing challenges that popped up during the complex build of the laundromat. With all of this solved, the upward curve of growth has continued for The Wash Up with lots of happy dogwashing customers!

Fiona McDonald, Owner
The Wash Up
Albury, NSW