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Install a K9000 and you’ll quickly transform your pet business into a destination for dog lovers. From kennels, breeders and doggy daycare facilities to grooming, training and pet supply stores, the benefits of offering a dog wash are wide ranging.

Not only does the K9000 present a new revenue stream, but it’s also an excellent way to draw new customers to your business.  This gives you an opportunity to engage with new and existing customers and introduce them to other products and services you provide.

The extra foot traffic will lead to an increase in sales from repeat customers who will return to your business more frequently than if you offered just one type of product or service. The presence of the K9000 also provides scope for easy customer bonuses via loyalty programs, such as “Spend $50 in store to get a free self serve wash”. The marketing possibilities are endless!

Perhaps you already provide Grooming services and are concerned that adding a self serve dog wash will have a negative effect on these services.  In fact, the opposite will occur. The K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash will enable you to capture a much wider market than you do currently, as many pet owners do not use or need regular grooming services and just need an easy and economical way to wash their dogs at their convenience.  Having access to this new customer base, allows groomers to cross promote commonly needed grooming services such as nail trimming or other light grooming services. Many pet chains recognize the value of offering grooming and self serve and market their Wash and Groom services.

As a Groomer, adding a self serve dog wash is a great way to expand services and allow you to focus on high value services letting customers take care of the washing and drying themselves.



K9000 dog wash machine
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As the owner of a pet store chain, I know my customers want the best when it comes to their pets and the K9000 offers the best in Dog Wash machines. I wanted a low maintenance product that provides a high level of cleanliness and is easy to run. I have purchased multiple machines for my stores and the K9000 remains my top choice with its solid, stainless-steel construction, sanitary disinfect option and ability to operate independently. I am happy with my investment in the K9000 Dog Wash and will continue to add machines to my stores in the future.

Greg Penno, Owner
Mr Pets
British Columbia and Alberta

Pet store dog wash
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“What influenced my decision to buy a K9000 was the Self Sufficiency of the self serve dog wash and its features. No bottles of shampoo to deal with, a 2 speed drier etc. The K9000 is so easy to look after, that my staff can take care of both the customers and the tub. All they do is a quick wipe here and there and the machine and the area stays clean and dry. The K9000 has great visual impact, it is a feature that makes my overall business look nicer and neater .”

Mike Trimble, Owner
Woofy’s Pet Foods
Comox, British Columbia

Self serve dog wash machine
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“As one of Australia’s largest Pet stores, Petbarn has always prided itself on providing a quality in store offering for its customers.
Petbarn first installed a K9000 in 2008, and has since added 200+ K9000 machines into their network of stores in Australia and 50+ units into NZ via their Animates brand.

With such a large network of stores and sites, reliability and service are the key to ensuring that the dogwash is a worthwhile investment to add to any Petbarn store.

Stefanie Spinks, elaborates, “We serve a large number of loyal dogwash customers each week, so it’s important for us to invest in reliable equipment that maintains the highest quality of service, like the K9000 machines” Our DIY Dogwash facility complements our instore grooming service, and has helped us to grow our customer base by offering an alternative quality grooming solution and ultimately helps more pet parents care for their pets.

Stephanie Spinks, National Implementation Manager



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