How dirty paws can up your value as a pet business

K9000 for kennels

How dirty paws can up your value as a pet business

Kennels, breeders and doggy daycares know the importance of positioning yourself as a one-of-a-kind place for dogs. Providing a full-service facility with perks such as agility areas, waterparks, training, or grooming entices customers to be able to satisfy all their pet’s needs in one location and choose your business over the competition.

Grooming is an important part of quality care, but for pets with minimal grooming needs, dog owners just want an economical way to keep their dogs clean. Many dogs suffer from anxiety and trips to a groomer are avoided. Enter the K9000 Self-Serve Dog Wash – an answer to dog lovers who prefer washing their dogs themselves.

Adding self-serve pet washing to your current services will capture a wider market of dog owners who prefer a lower cost, DIY option. A K9000 self-serve Dog Wash station is a one stop shop for businesses who want an easy to run, high return on their investment.

Transform your business with a self-serve dog wash

Install a K9000 and you’ll quickly transform your pet business into a destination for dog lovers. The benefits of offering a dog wash are wide ranging. Not only does the K9000 present an additional revenue stream, but it’s also an excellent way to draw new customers to your business and introduce them to other products and services you provide. Customers prefer to take home a clean dog after a day of activities so you can offer an economical option for owners who want to wash their dogs themselves or offer “We Wash” as a value-added service.

The K9000 operates independently, no staff supervision is required. Customers pay at the machine and select wash options. Products are dispensed via a wash gun and a 2-speed dryer completes the cycle. A free disinfect cleans the tub in between washes and hair is easily disposed of with a built in 3-part filtration system.

Lap up sales and year round revenue

The extra foot traffic will lead to an increase in sales from repeat customers who will return to your business more frequently than if you offered just one type of product or service. The presence of the K9000 also provides scope for easy customer bonuses via loyalty programs, such as “Book 2 nights of boarding and enjoy a free wash”. The marketing possibilities are endless!

Businesses that serve pets are always in demand and operating a self-serve pet wash such as the K9000 is no exception. As a self-operating machine, customers can drop in anytime and wash their dogs themselves, allowing you to keep you pet wash business open year-round. The advantage is that you can enjoy a consistent stream of income to supplement your boarding or grooming services.

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