Upgrade your Condo Amenity Package in 2022 with a valued Pet Friendly asset

K9000 self serve pet tub at marina

Upgrade your Condo Amenity Package in 2022 with a valued Pet Friendly asset

According to a recent survey, almost 41% of Canadian households include at least one dog. That’s roughly 7.6 million dogs!

When you compare statistics with the popularity of condo living amongst pet loving residents, the situation becomes a hairy one. The number of pet owners is increasing and with many city bylaws supporting tenants with animals, it makes sense to offer pet friendly amenities in your building.

Attract Pet Owners with A Dog Wash

Pets are a part of the family but keeping them clean in small spaces presents a challenge for residents, and maintenance staff trying to protect assets from scratches and blocked drains. While dog runs are an attractive outdoor amenity, indoor amenities such as a pet wash presents even greater all year round value.

Dog grooming stations provide a quick and easy solution to keeping both dogs and personal and common spaces cleaner. Self-serve washing provides a real, tangible benefit for residents, thereby lowering vacancy rates.

Up The Appeal with A K9000

The K9000 Dog Wash offers a one-stop-shop in self-serve washing with product dispenser and built in 2-speed dryer. Easy to install, the robust K9000 fits about anywhere there is water, power and a drain including heated underground parking lots, laundry rooms and pet wash rooms.

Unlike built in tubs, the K9000 comes with a 3-part filtration system to catch hair, and a disinfect cycle to reduce cleaning. Other than occasional shampoo top ups, it is very low maintenance.

The K9000 comes in a variety of models with customizable decals to show off your brand. With configurable payment options you can offer free washes or charge a nominal fee as ongoing revenue for property managers, strata or to pay off the investment.

Pet ownership is a rising trend, so as developers, providing pet washes is one more way to appeal to this growing market. Contact us today

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