Tips for Helping Your Dog Get Comfortable with Baths

Dog scared of pet tub

Tips for Helping Your Dog Get Comfortable with Baths

If your dog hates getting washed, chances are getting him into the tub takes longer than the actual bath. If you find yourself delaying bath time until the last possible moment, here are some tips to help change your dog’s mind.

TIP #1: Get Some Exercise

Head out into nature and go for a good long walk right before bath time. You will burn off your pooch’s energy and can ease him into getting washed while he is nice and tired and much less anxious.

TIP #2: Avoid Slipping

Tubs can be slippery for doggie paws making them prone to falling. A non-slip surface will help your dog feel balanced and more comfortable. The more secure your dog feels, the more likely he will be to allow you to bath him. Our K9000 Dog Wash has a built-in non-slip floor to keep dogs safe during washing.

TIP #3: Try Different Wash Methods

Every dog is different when it comes to pet washing. Some get scared by the sound of running water or don’t like the feeling of a jug of water poured on them. Others are afraid of regular shower heads. Find out what method works for your dog. A pet sprayer is a much gentler option especially when it comes to areas such as the tail or face. Make sure the water temperature is lukewarm and only use pet friendly products such as our Fido’s line as a dog’s skin is much more sensitive than humans!

TIP #4: Go Slow

Make sure you have sufficient time to give your dog a good wash. If you are rushed it will make your dog more anxious and the experience less enjoyable. Use a calm and reassuring voice. If your dog hates hairdryers, use a headband such as a Happy Hoodie to cover his ears or try a low-speed pet dryer. Gently towel dry if all else fails. Remember if you’re relaxed your dog will be too!

TIP #5: Reward Your Dog

Getting your dog to love bath time will improve if he knows he’s getting a very special treat after each bath. Have a reward on hand for the moment you’re done.

With a little patience and the right tools, eventually you’ll establish a bath time routine that becomes a great bonding opportunity for both you and your dog. Prefer to skip the mess at home? Experience the ultimate in self-serve Dog Washing and give our K9000 machine a try.  Contact us today for more information.

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