Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

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Six Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

The hottest months of the year are almost here. Humans have plenty of ways to beat the Summer heat but what about our fur-babies? Dogs cannot cool themselves by sweating like humans and mainly cool off by panting. So how do prevent overheating? Here are 6 ways to keep your dog cool and comfortable.

Provide Cool Water

Keep fresh, cool water available to your dog at all times. Make sure you keep the water dish in a shady location and change the water frequently. If you go out for walks or to the park, take enough water for both yourself and your dog to stay hydrated.

Give Your Dog A Frozen Treat

Frozen dog treats are a dog’s best friend in the heat of Summer. Choose safe ingredients your dog will like then freeze and feed on hot days. Some ideas include chicken or beef broth, frozen fruits, yoghurt etc. Limit how much you feed depending on the ingredients you use.

Shelter From The Sun

Dogs can get sunburn just the same as humans! While sunscreen for dogs is available it is not ideal. Staying indoors in an air conditioned home or store (lots of stores allow pets in Summer) is the best idea in hot weather. The next best thing to offer is shelter in the form of a structure such as an insulated, spacious and well ventilated dog house or a tent. Add a fan and if possible put the shelter in a shady area to keep it extra cool.

Try A Kiddie Pool

If your dog loves water try a large kiddie pool (go for plastic and not inflatable as nails will pop it). Supervise your dog at all times and keep the pool in a shady area with a cover when not in use. Alternatively a sprinkler may be fun for your dog.

Cool Down The Dog Bed

A soft bed feels good for your dog but may be too warm in the Summer. A cooling dog bed offers comfort and softness but keeps the temperature nice and cool and is a nice alternative to hard floors.

Try A Cooling Vest Or Cooling Bandana

Cooling vests are lightweight, breathable and soft. Some have reflectors for added safety when walking at night, and use evaporation and reflection to keep dogs cool. Other vests can be dipped in cool water, wrung out and placed on your dog. Wet bandanas, freeze them, rinse under water and then use when ready. Both are excellent alternatives when outside or on the road.

Heat can be very dangerous for your dog, especially in a hot car or outside in the elements. Heat strokes, exhaustion and dehydration can become serious health problems and are common issues seen by veterinarians. It’s also one of the most easily preventable problems for pet owners. Follow our handy tips and keep your dog safe this Summer!

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