Boosting your Vet Services with a Self-Serve Dog Wash

K9000 dog wash for vets

Boosting your Vet Services with a Self-Serve Dog Wash

The life of a veterinarian is very rewarding and enjoyable. Still it does have its challenges. Pricing is a critical component that can make or break your veterinary practice. You want to remain competitive as well as attract new customers.  One way to stand out from the competition is by offering complete care incentives for pets at a reasonable price that aren’t generally offered by a single provider.

When it comes to caring for pets, veterinarians can all agree that good grooming is an essential part of maintaining health. So it’s a natural choice to add a grooming service as an extension of your core clinic services. Offering an automated self-serve dog wash is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to offer grooming as an extended service at an attractive price. It is an excellent complement to your veterinary services with endless revenue generating potential.

How a Self Serve Dog Wash service benefits pet owners and vets

The advantage of a self serve dog wash service for pet owners is that they can enjoy the convenience of grooming their dog on a regular basis, at an economical price, instead of dealing with the mess at home. While at the clinic they can also book their regular appointments, pick up food and check in with you on any concerns they have.

Some animals need grooming every 4-8 weeks which means frequent visits to the clinic.  You can now regularly connect with existing customers to ensure that they are on top of their checkups.  It is also an excellent way to meet new customers (and potential new lifetime patients) who are just visiting your clinic to wash their dog.  While customers are washing their dogs you can promote several of your services like teeth cleaning and therapy.  You can also offer free dog washes as part of a promotional offer eg. puppy care or dental checkup.  Pet owners usually treat their dogs after a bath so you should see increases in sales of  treat and dog food as well.

Self Serve Dog Wash Machines operate independently

Our K9000 Dog Wash machines allow pet owners to wash their dogs themselves with minimal staff involvement, while providing an attractive benefit of a consistent revenue stream. The machines operate independently and can be set up to operate after hours through a separate entrance. Customers pay at the machine which offers built in shampoo/conditioner/flea wash options and a 2-speed blow dryer. Wash time and price is completely configurable and determined by the vet. Typically, owners charge $12-$15 for 10-12 minutes. With costs around $1.50 per wash, there is a tidy profit potential.  If you only had 5 dog washes a day you would be looking at an additional $19,656.00 plus a year.

Key Features of the K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash

  • VARIETY OF SIZES: We have various models to suit your spacing requirements
  • EASY TO INSTALL: All you need is water, power and a drain
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: Brand your machine with THE NAME OF YOUR CLINIC
  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Purchase outright or lease to own. Pay off your lease with only 2 washes a day!

Adding a Self-Serve Dog Wash will improve your clinic services by

  • Offering all in one healthcare for pet owners
  • Enhancing the patient experience
  • Differentiating your practice from your competitors

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