A unique way to increase your Pet Store profits

Dog wash in pet store

A unique way to increase your Pet Store profits

The pet industry is booming but staying competitive in a hot market can be a challenge. So how do you diversify your pet store to boost sales without sacrificing space?

The answer is Dirty Dogs.

Dog washing is a promising business that can yield high returns in very little time. Since pets need washing year-round, offering a Dog Wash service is an opportunity to generate revenue year-round.

So how do you provide pet washing for your customers without having to hire extra staff, take payments or monitor sales? The solution is a self-serve Dog Wash station.

Diversify with DIY

The K9000 Dog Wash is a standalone machine that offers a wash and dry cycle in as little as 10 minutes. Owners simply drop in, pay at the machine and wash their dogs themselves. Shampoo products are dispensed via a wash gun and the dryer offers 2-speeds. A free disinfect cleans the wash tub after use. Maintenance is minimal due to a 3-part filtration system and no staff are required onsite.

A K9000 Dog Wash is a valuable marketing tool that provides a one-stop shop for your customers who can wash their dogs and pick up food, treats, and other items at the same time. Cross-promote with current products and increase your sales with package incentives. If you offer dog grooming, adding a Dog Wash is a great way to capture a wider market of dog owners who prefer a DIY wash option.

Set yourself up for success

The K9000 Dog Wash is easy to install, requires very little space, and can be set up with just power, water, and a drain. Get creative with your current layout and think of ways that you can incorporate a Dog Wash to bring in extra foot traffic. While there is an upfront investment to purchase your K9000 Dog Wash, you can quickly pay it off in just a few washes a day. The enormous value the machine provides will offset those initial costs in no time!

Contact us today to find out how a K9000 Dog Wash can benefit your pet store business.

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