A Dog Wash Business Is An Easy Investment

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A Dog Wash Business Is An Easy Investment

Financial security is one of our highest priorities, no matter what stage of life we are in. That’s why our Dog Wash owners love our easy to manage, high profit business model. It’s perfect for anyone looking to generate effortless revenue.

Whether you are a business owner wanting to increase revenue, a young family looking to secure your financial future, a retiree needing to supplement your pension or an investor wishing to diversify your portfolio, a Dog Wash business presents an easy business opportunity for you.

1 in 4 Canadian households own a dog and dogs constantly get dirty! A Dog Wash business is simple and easy to run as the machines operate on their own with no staff required and customers can drop in and wash their dogs themselves at their leisure. This means you can enjoy a year-round stream of revenue with minimal effort.

Advantages of adding a Payment Reader

Independently run K9000 self serve dog wash businesses are popping up all over the world. Like laundromats, this type of business offers customers the opportunity to utilize the machines any time of day or night, with no staff required.  Thanks to the simple addition of our Nayax card readers, pet owners can pay at the machine and wash and dry their dogs at their convenience. The Nayax reader takes several forms of payment including debit/credit and Apple pay. It also works with prepaid loyalty cards and a Monyx app which allows you to run promotions.

As a business owner, you have remote, real-time access to daily, monthly and annual sales, which allows you to manage store operations such as determining when to top up shampoos or schedule cleanings.  When a Nayax reader is added to our pet vending machine, it manages inventory levels so you know when to replenish your products. The Nayax reader can be added to any equipment in your dog wash store, giving you the opportunity to view and manage sales from all your machines in one place.

The incredibly convenient, time saving Nayax Reader, is just another example of why investing in a K9000 Dog Wash business is a great way to earn continuous, passive income with minimal effort.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike other pet washes, cleaning of the tubs only needs to occur after 25 washes, due to the free disinfectant option and 3-part filtration system. The machines are also extremely robust with minimal maintenance requirements and only occasional replacement of wear and tear parts such as dryer hoses or spray guns.

Open for extended hours

To maximize revenue, you can install a self-locking door with a built-in timer to open and close automatically and security cameras which you can access remotely via your phone. This way you can stay open while other businesses are closed and offer year-round convenience (such as late nights and holidays) to suit your customers schedules.

Precautions during COVID

During Covid, separate your Dog Wash machines with plexiglass, implement mandatory masks and limit the number of customers in the store at the same time. Ask customers to disinfect the tub before and after washes and provide hand sanitizer for after use.

Contact us today to see how easy it is to get your Dog Wash business up and running! We offer customer support 7 days a week and are always happy to help.

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