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Every Dog Park Needs This!

Let’s talk about dog parks and how great they are!

Dog Parks provide a safe space in which people can exercise their dogs and watch them play. They are also a great way to meet people, relax and get some fresh air. Dogs benefit from the mental and physical stimulation while humans get to socialize and take a break.

Canada is one of the most pet friendly countries in the world, with cities such as Toronto, Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver at the top of the doggie loving list.

How Can Dog Parks offer MORE value for pet owners?

With restrictions being placed in many beach and nature areas, the need for off leash dog parks is on the rise. Cities are expected to step up and provide designated areas for pet owners to safely exercise their dogs. City of Vancouver has implemented its own People, Parks and Dogs strategy including amenities in their dog parks such as water play areas and agility equipment. However, while Vancouver is catering to its pet loving public, cities like Singapore and Chicago are paws ahead.

How often do you wish you had a place to quickly clean your dog after a good run in the park?

Dog parks are a great place to romp freely, but this can result in getting dirty fast. Dirty dogs mean dirty public areas, cars, and homes. So how can owners clean their dogs after playtime is over? Enter the K9000 Dog Wash Station.

When it comes to leading the curve in Dog Park amenities, Westcoast Park in Singapore has made a name for itself in the community, adding a K9000 Dog Wash Station for pet owners to use after Fido finishes playing. Similarly in the US, the K9000s are again top dog, with 3 machines offering washes to thousands of dogs at Chicago’s wildly popular Montrose Dog Beach

Our K9000 Dog Wash stations are fast becoming a favorite due their easy to use, and minimal effort model. The dog owner benefits from a clean dog in as little as 10 minutes, while the park benefits from a steady source of income that can fund the cost of maintaining park facilities.

Our highly robust K9000 Dog Wash models require very little space and can be set up indoors or outdoors with just water, power and a drain. No oversight is required and maintenance is low. Products are natural, pet friendly and biodegradable. The machines come with a two-speed dryer, free disinfect cycle and 3-part filtration system for easy occasional cleaning.

How Can a Dog Wash benefit you?

Dog Parks have become an essential part of urban communities, and with more Canadians owning pets than ever before, the need for off leash areas is on the rise. Providing a Pet Wash area in a dog park will offer the public a valuable service while giving Cities the opportunity to generate income to maintain the park.

How would your community benefit from a Pet Wash in your local dog park?

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