Why Washing Dogs is Good

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Why Washing Dogs is Good

You would be shocked that many still cling to the old wives’ tale of not bathing dogs more than a few times a year. Well, things are not the same since the findings that dogs enjoy shampoos and bath time as much as humans. As long as the shampoos don’t have harsh chemicals which would affect the dog’s skin adversely, regular bathing for the dog is recommended, even as frequent as twice a month.

Washing prevents infection

Dogs are naturally rough animals and keeping their skin free of dirt helps keeps germs and diseases away. A little cut on the surface of the skin can be a point of infection for your dog especially when his skin hygiene has not been top notch. Just like we recognize that health starts from the outside, the same deference apply for your dogs.

You enjoy the company of your dog more

Nothing spoils fun time like a smelly dog. Keeping your dog clean and fresh ensures he always smells nice, fresh and free of infection. Also, it’s difficult to enjoy your dog’s company when he’s scratching an itch regularly.

It’s beneficial to you 

Giving your dog a regular bath is of benefit to your health. Clean dogs are less likely to cause people to come down with allergies and other problems. Think of this; your dog is like a rug, it traps allergens, bacteria, fungi and dirt. Allergens are foreign proteins which your dog gets from about anywhere and the longer these allergens stay on your dog, the more likely they would cause your dog discomfort. Bathing your dog regularly is a great recommendation for you or any family members if they are sensitive to allergens.

It’s an enjoyable bonding opportunity with your dog

Just like family rituals promote bonding between family members; a routine like bathing can help promote bonding between a dog and its owner. If for instance you have a dog coming from a new family or pen. And you are wondering how to create a bond between you and the dog, try a bath session.

IT IMPROVES YOUR DOGS MOOD – Remember how excited your dog becomes after a bath session? Yes, regular bathing enhances the mood of your dog, and dogs just like humans suffer from mood swings and at such times, it is a good idea to get your dog bathed.

Bathing helps keep your dog’s coat clean, healthy and free of parasites. Depending on the type of dog, some need a bath more frequently than others. So do some research on your particular breed to understand how often you should bathe it. For example, dogs with harsh-textured coats repel dirt pretty well. They don’t get as dirty as dogs with soft coats.

I hope the article has given you a clear idea about Why Washing Dogs is a good fact.

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