Spring Time Tips for Brushing Your Dog

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Spring Time Tips for Brushing Your Dog

Spring is a time to air out the house, sort through closets, and start tackling the garden.  It is also the time of year when your dog begins to shed and get rid of his winter coat. So why not spring clean your dog along with the house! Here are some useful tips to help your dog get ready for the outdoors as warm weather sets in.

Buy A Good Brush That Complements Your Dog’s Coat

Even if you take your dog to a groomer for haircuts you still need to take care of his coat in between visits. Make sure you invest in a good brush to help get rid of all that loose dead hair and matted clumps.  Research the correct brush for your dog’s breed as the wrong type of brush can irritate their skin. Never use a metal comb on your dog’s delicate skin! Grooming gloves are another great option and while these work best on short coats, the sensation of being petted makes it a favourite of all dogs, especially puppies!

Brush With Good Technique

Use firm but gentle strokes, do not brush the skin itself as it can get irritated. Use long strokes for long-haired dogs and short strokes for dogs with short or wiry hair. On thick coats, brush against the grain and brushing outward. Then start over, brushing in the same direction as hair growth. For all other coats, brush in the same direction the hair grows.

Remove Mats And Knots Gently

Use a generous amount of conditioner and massage it into the affected area. If a small mat isn’t treated immediately, it can turn into a serious and painful problem. You can also use coconut or olive oil as a natural detangler. Add a few drops to your hands and massage it through your dog’s fur, then let it sit a few minutes before brushing Try to untangle the mat slowly and manually with your fingers before using a comb. Remember to give your dog breaks during this process.

Develop A Regular Routine With Brushing

Brush short and medium haired pets about once a week and long haired dogs daily. Begin at your dog’s head and work toward his tail. For nervous dogs start with the tail and work forwards. If you plan to wash your dog, brush him first. Tangles are harder to remove when wet.  When you wash your dog yourself using the K9000 dog wash make use of the conditioner option to help keep your dog’s fur shiny and mat free.

Check For Abnormalities

Regular brushing gives you an opportunity to check your dog for anything out of the ordinary and take care of it, like removing ticks and fleas or tending to minor cuts. Parasites like ticks and fleas also like to hide in mats, so you should always take care of them as soon as possible.

Reward Your Dog

When you have finished brushing your dog, be sure to reward him with a nice treat to thank him for being patient! This will encourage him to look forward to the next brushing session.

Regular brushing is an essential part of a good grooming routine and will help keep your dog’s coat healthy and looking good. It’s easy to do yourself, a wonderful bonding process with your dog and a low maintenance, cost effective option for keeping shedding down if you keep it up!

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