From Grooming to Booming: How DIY Dog Washing can boost your business

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From Grooming to Booming: How DIY Dog Washing can boost your business

Expanding the Grooming Market

Dog grooming is an industry in high demand and there are numerous benefits to owning and operating a pet grooming business. While many pet owners utilize the services of a dog groomer, there exists a large market of dog owners who prefer a lower cost DIY (Do it Yourself) option to wash and dry their dogs. So how can you reach dog lovers whose dogs simply do not need to be washed by a groomer?

Why self-serve dog washing is great for Groomers

As a full-service groomer, offering self-serve pet washing gives you the advantage of providing more than just a grooming service. You can market yourself to the DIY dog owner and position yourself as a business designed to meet the needs of EVERY pet owner.

So how do you add self-serve washing to your current services without having to hire staff, handle payments or monitor sales? The solution is a self-serve Dog Wash station.

The K9000 Self-serve Dog Wash is a popular choice as the machines can operate independently allowing you to focus your energy on high value grooming services without extra staff. The Dog Wash can run 24/7 (in an unstaffed retail space, so you are able to continue to earn revenue outside of your regular grooming hours.

Customers can drop in at their convenience, pay at the machine, and select their wash options. Products are dispensed with warm water from a wash gun ending with a 2-speed pet dryer ending the cycle. The machine also has a disinfect option to keep the dog wash tub clean between customers. A 3-part filtration system ensures that excess dog hair is easily disposed of after washing.

Ways in which a K9000 Dog Wash can boost revenue for Groomers

The K9000 is a valuable asset for Groomers who want to expand and complement their current services. It allows you to reach a broader dog loving audience and generate consistent, year-round income from a much wider dog market

Extra foot traffic from the Dog Wash will increase exposure to and enhance your current products and services and increase sales revenue. The K9000 is an excellent marketing tool you can use to cross promote services such as light grooming or complement with enticing retail items for customers to purchase after washing their dogs.

Many Groomers may find that they generate such great profits from a Dog Wash station that they want a second one. Or more!

If you are looking for a way to GROW your grooming business and enjoy a fast, hassle free return on investment, contact us today! 

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