Pet Laundromats Are Lucky Dogs

K9000 dog wash machine for laundromat

Pet Laundromats Are Lucky Dogs

Self serve dog washes are being added to Laundromats.

Self service laundromats have been around since the 1930’s when people couldn’t afford to buy their own washing machines. Thanks to technology, Laundromats have evolved, and the industry has adjusted to meet the needs of the modern-day customer. Laundromat owners are now making money on services other than laundry by leveraging their space to include a variety of income streams. Providing low overhead services is a great way to offset the cost of rent and machine upkeep. Laundromats that offer unique and valuable amenities that people want, tend to be the most profitable. So, what do convenience seeking customers want from a laundromat?

Extend Your Services to Include Pets

People want amenities that save time, take little effort and are low cost. With the large number of Canadian households owning pets, it makes sense to extend services to include pet washing and pet laundry facilities. Pets get messy and washing smelly pet bedding or blankets in a home washing machine is something most owners would rather not do. Providing a one-stop-shop where customers can wash their dogs at the same time as doing their own laundry or their pet’s laundry is a highly attractive and valuable selling feature.

How Does a Dog Wash Complement a Laundromat?

Just as self-serve laundromats are a DIY option for clothes, the K9000 Self-Serve Dog Wash is a DIY wash and dry option for dogs. Owners pay at the machine and wash their dogs themselves in as little as 12 mins or less. Very little space is required and set up is easy using water, power and a drain. Customers can come in with their pets, give them a wash and take care of laundry at the same time. As an owner, you will benefit not only from the increase in foot traffic but also repeat business as many customers wash their dogs every 3-4 weeks. You can cross promote the Dog Wash with your other Laundromat services and offer specials or packages as incentives. The K9000 is an excellent marketing tool that can boost sales and revenue. As the machines are self-sufficient, you can even operate your Dog Wash outside of regular business hours and enjoy a consistent revenue stream year-round.

Why Laundromat Owners Love the K9000

The K9000 is customizable so you can brand your Dog Wash with your own logos and design. It is also configurable, so you can set your price and wash time. Coin or cashless payment options are available. Products are all natural and dispensed via a wash gun and a 2-speed built in pet dryer dries the dog within minutes. A free disinfect option allows customers to clean the tub in between use and a 3-part filtration system removes excess hair and reduces the need for cleaning. Costs are low as no hands-on staff are required, and maintenance is minimal. Laundromat customers love the convenience of taking home a clean pet in addition to clean laundry!

Ready to Get Your Paws Wet?

The integration of pet washing into a laundromat and pet laundry facilities is on the rise! Turn a section of your laundromat into a pet wash and pet laundry area and enjoy a steady income stream all year-round. Contact us today to chat about how a K9000 Dog Wash can benefit your laundromat business.


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