If you provide Grooming services and are concerned that adding a self serve dog wash will have a negative impact on your current offerings, in fact the opposite will occur. The K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash will enable you to capture a much wider market than you currently serve.

Many pet owners do not need regular grooming services and prefer an economical way to wash their dogs at their convenience. Having access to the DIY customer base allows groomers to cross promote commonly needed services such as nail trimming or other light grooming options. It’s a fantastic way to expand a grooming business with a value added service that provides a solid revenue stream.

As a Groomer, adding a self serve dog wash provides the opportunity to expand on your current services allowing you to focus on high value services while your customers take care of washing and drying their dogs themselves.

Click on the video links below to learn more about how you can benefit from providing Grooming with self serve dog wash services.



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