Pet Tubs – A hot commodity for condos

Dogs in Condos

Pet Tubs – A hot commodity for condos

Dog ownership in Canada is at an all-time high and the National Association of Realtors recently reported that 81% of homebuyers considered their pet’s needs when deciding where to live. With the increasing cost of housing and limited green space, more Canadians are making the move to affordable vertical living.

Condo developers have caught onto the importance of pets to buyers and are finding new ways to lure pet-owners to their buildings. Catering to canines is a way to condo buyer’s hearts and providing canine comforts can be an advantageous selling proposition for developers and building owners wanting to stand out from the competition.

Onsite pet-friendly amenities are a major selling feature in attracting urban dog owners as it not only offers comfort, but also makes caring for pets easier. On the top of the list of must-have amenities for Canadian pet owners are pet wash stations. Dogs often get dirty so a pet tub that can accommodate small to large dogs is essential to keeping homes clean.

For developers or building owners it is easier and cheaper to build a ground floor room or add a pet room to an existing space than it is to integrate a feature such as a dog run. Developments such as the CG Tower and Oak & Co in Toronto are leading the curve in pet spa services offering washing, drying and grooming stations for its residents to be able to pamper their dogs.

The Furever Clean Self-Serve Dog Wash Stations provide an affordable solution to meeting the needs of condo owners while providing a highly attractive incentive as a seller. Our machines are customizable so you can provide complimentary washes or use the dog wash as a profitable revenue generating opportunity. We also offer pet room accessories and pet vending machines to add attractive value to your pet space.

Providing amenities for pet owners not only enhances quality of life, but also increases the resale value of condo units. In today’s competitive market, staying ahead of a growing trend and responding to the needs of pet owners will set you above the rest. Now that’s something to wag about!

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