Selecting the Right Dog Wash for Your Multi-Residential Building

K9000 for apartments

Selecting the Right Dog Wash for Your Multi-Residential Building

40% of Canadian households currently own pets with 81% of potential home buyers inquiring about pet friendliness when considering a home. In response to consumer demand, many Property Developers and Managers are looking to add a pet wash area to their properties as an attractive selling feature.

Selecting the Right Dog Wash

There are a variety of pet wash options on the market. Here are some things to consider when deciding on a pet wash for your property:

  • Built in tubs are an economical choice, but they can be unsafe for pets as they often have slippery tiles and no grooming restraints. Regular cleaning is required to maintain the wash. They typically do not have an adequate hair catching system and could be subject to plumbing problems.
  • Stainless Steel (Classic) Pet tubs come in various styles, the most common being Lift-In, Step-in and Ramp. Each style offers a range of sizes from 31.75” to 60” that are easy to plumb in. Our Furever Clean Classic Tubs offer additional features such as raised floors, hair catching systems, comfort pads, and holders for shampoos and tools. They are easy to clean and less prone to mold and bacteria than tiled tubs. Dryers can be purchased separately. Classic pet tubs are a great choice if your building occupancy is under 150 tenants.
  • Premium pet tubs such as our K9000 Furever Clean Dog Wash stations are an all-in-one solution with fewer cleaning requirements. They offer an extensive array of features and come in a variety of sizes. The K9000 has a non-slip floor, 3-part hair filtration system, built in wash products and dryer and a disinfect cycle.

The K9000 operates like a car wash for dogs. The average time to complete a full cycle is 10-12 minutes. The K9000 is completely configurable so you can offer free or paid washes. Decals on the machine can be customized allowing you to match your dog wash with the design of your development. The K9000 is recommended if your building occupancy is over 150 tenants.

The type of tub you select will also be influenced by number of pet owners, restrictions on size of pet, available space, your target market and whether you intend to charge for washes or not. Regardless of which tub you select, ensure that you build in plenty of time for preparation, shipping and installation of the dog wash.

What’s the next step?

Contact us at Furever Clean Dog Wash so we can provide you with the best solution to meet your specific needs.

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