Step In Tubs




These high quality stainless steel lift in tubs are great for both small and large dogs.

Package incudes the option of Left Hand or Right Hand Plumbing, Elevating Platform, Comfort Pad, Stainless Steel Step Stool, Bottle/Tool Holder, Hair Catching System and Choice of Quality or Lightweight Quality Faucet Fittings.

No Bottle/Tool holder provided with the N60HTY.

Curbside shipping $380 to all destinations in Canada.  Inside delivery and delivery to islands (Atlantic/Pacific/Gulf/Great Lakes) not connected to the mainland by bridge or causeway extra.

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W48HT – 48′′ x 24′′ $10198, W52HTY – 52′′ x 24′′ $10330, W60HTY – 60′′ x 27′′ $10462, ADA60HTY – 60′′ x 25.5′′ $10653, N60HTY – 60′′ x 28.5′′ $12178


Left Hand Plumbing, Right Hand Plumbing


Quality, Lightweight Faucet Fittings