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Furever Clean: Self serve dog wash business

Furever Clean is a family owned business based in Victoria, BC that came about as an answer to a lot of fur and a constant dirty bath tub.

When the newest member of the family arrived in 2014 in the form of a 12 week old Bernese Mountain Dog named Odin, the challenges of keeping him clean became apparent, especially as he grew bigger. In 2016, owners Evelyn and Derek Rutherford stumbled across a video of the K9000 dog wash machine, a unit manufactured in Australia using the techniques of the car wash market and adapted for dog washing. Evelyn jumped at the opportunity and Furever Clean was born.

K9000 dog wash machine

With a background in senior management and executive operations spanning more than 25 years, Evelyn had both the knowledge and the drive to introduce the K9000 dog wash machine, a world class leader in dog wash machines, to the Canadian market. Since then the company has taken off and featured in the top 5 nominees for the Best International Trade Award by BC Small Business in only its first year of operation. Since inception in 2016, the company has sold many K9000 dog wash machine units across Canada and continues to grow and provide healthy returns on investment for business owners.

Self serve dog wash store near downtown Victoria

In 2017 Evelyn and Derek opened their first self serve dog wash store near downtown Victoria. It is an effort to provide a much needed service for dog owners. The store has since seen hundreds of dirty paws and provides a convenient drop-in. No appointment needed service for a fraction of the cost of a groomer. Customers from all over Victoria frequent the store. The positive feedback and increasing demand has prompted a second unit to be installed in the store in 2019.

Furever Clean not only supports clients and their dirty, furry friends but also passionately supports animal welfare. We support rescue groups and organizations around the world.

Contact Furever Clean today and see how we may impact your business. Moreover, we assist you with how to wash your dog.

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