K9000 Twin Model

The K9000 Twin provides two Standard Tubs which share a single controller. Ideal for busy sites. You can wash more dogs in a smaller footprint and wash twice the dogs in the same time as one unit. No more waiting for customers with plenty of tubs available. The Twin has great visual impact and better ROI than 2 units. The Twin is ideal for indoor/unsupervised public use and fits all sized dogs. This machine needs to be operated in an environment which is at least 5 degrees c. Winterization is required if leaving outside in winter months.


  • High grade stainless steel. Built to highest standards
  • 3 product options each side: Shampoo, Flea Shampoo, Conditioner
  • Pause feature
  • Free Disinfect
  • Configurable Bonus time
  • 2 speed Turbo Dryer
  • MDB keypad controller
  • Configurable Time/Price
  • Hair free non-slip floor
  • 3rd Generation advanced hair filtration system
  • Available with English or French/English Decal Instructions


  • Illuminating light above the tub
  • High security lock on main cabinet
  • Credit/Debit Reader, MEI Bank Note Reader or Wash Free
  • Customizable Decals
Typical site requirements: L 11’10” W 2’ H 6’.1″. Total weight 772 lbs. 208v – 240v, cold and hot water and drain. External hot water heater required.