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Wash Your Dog

602b Esquimalt Road, Victoria, British Columbia V9A 3L4

We offer the K9000, a Self Serve (do it yourself) Dog Wash as an easy to use and convenient way to wash, condition, and dry, dogs of all sizes. The machine can wash one large, or up to two small dogs at the same time. Catch chains are provided in the tub which are attached to a dog’s collar to secure them during their bath.

A dog wash costs $10 for 10 minutes. The K9000 takes Credit and Debit tap or swipe, or $1 or $2 coins and tokens. Because of the water and shampoos dispensed at the same time, as well as the high-speed dryer, the average sized short haired dog can easily be washed and dried in under 10 minutes. If your dog is a little larger, or a little hairier, additional minutes can be purchased by using coins for $1 a minute. Additional minutes must be purchased before the wash cycle is complete or purchase a full 10 minutes again.

We use all-natural 70% organic shampoos in our dog wash to cater for the most sensitive of skins.  You can select one or all options in the wash/dry cycle to wash your dog or if you prefer to use your own shampoo, just select the Rinse cycle.

No appointments are needed. This is an unstaffed, walk-in dog wash store. Open 6am till 11pm daily.

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If you are visiting another City, use our Dog Wash Locator to find a K9000 close to you.

Dog Wash Demonstration

The fully self-contained K9000 Dog Wash will shampoo, flea treat, condition and blow-dry dogs in just 10 minutes. Its so easy to use, any dog owner can use it.

In this video, Maddy, Poppi and Fez demonstrate how to use the K9000 Dog Wash.

How To Use the K9000

  • Lead the dog into the tub and secure them with a simple catch-chain.
  • Insert payment to start the wash cycle.
  • Wash the dog using a soft-touch, adjustable wash gun, premium washing products and fresh, temperature-controlled water.
  • Select the next wash cycle options using the dial.
  • Select the dryer option and dry the dog using the two-speed dryer. The machine will accept additional partial payment before the cycle is completed, if additional minutes are required, to continue washing/drying.
  • Remove the dog from the tub.
  • Use the disinfect cycle to wash the K9000 basin and ensure that it’s clean and ready to go for the next dog owner. (Note: you may also elect to start the dog wash cycle with the disinfectant cycle if you so wish)

Dog Wash Wall of Fame

We hold monthly photo competitions for our customers.  To participate, take a picture of your dog in or outside of the Furever Clean Dog Wash and post it to the Furever Clean Dog Wash Facebook page or tag as #fureverphotocomp on Instagram.  The winner receives 5 free dog washes.