K9000 Twin Dog Wash Machine


The Twin provides 2 standard tubs which share a single controller.  Ideal for busy sites.  You can wash more dogs in a smaller footprint and Wash twice the dogs in the same time as one unit. Built to highest standard using high grade stainless steel.  No more waiting for customers with 2 x tubs available.

This machine needs to be operated in an environment which is at least 5 degrees c. Winterization is required if leaving outside in winter months.

Typical site requirements:    L  12’.14’’  W 2’.1’’  H  6’.07’’. Total weight 771.62 lbs.  208v – 240v, cold and hot water and drain.  External hot water heater required.

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Base machine includes:

  • Touchpad user Controls
  • 4 x soap dispensing pumps PER SIDE ( 8 in total)
  • Two speed Blow Dryers (1 per side)
  • Hair free non-slip floors
  • 3rd Generation advanced hair filtration system
  • MDB Vending interface
  • Seamless Cashless integration options with remote auditing available
  • Free Disinfect
  • Bonus time option
  • 2 Year Warranty

Add additional Options:

  • High security 3 lock system
  • Illuminating light above the tub
  • Bank Note Readers
  • Credit/Debit devices
  • Customized decals

External hot water heater required.

Free with each Purchase:

  • 2 starter pack of products
  • 2 soap management systems
  • 2 advertising banners

Pay in full or lease to own.

Contact us today for your personalized quote with shipping and taxes.  Let us know if delivery site is residential, site without dock/you have a forklift, or site with dock.

Available for shipping within Canada only.

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