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K9000 Dog Wash

K9000 Dog Wash

Sturdy and robust, designed for dogs of all sizes.

The K9000 Dog Wash is the premium self service dog washing machine. It delivers solid returns for business owners – from pet stores to car washes to condos  –  creating very happy customers.  Available in a Standard, Twin and Compact version to suit your needs.

K9000 Dog Wash
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We’re here to help!

If you have a unique need let us know.  It may be as simple as providing custom graphics or your own logo so that the K9000 becomes a seamless part of your business. Your customers can use all the great features of the K9000 and recognize you for it!

In short, we’re here to talk through your requirements and come up with a solution for your business. As the World’s leading dog wash specialists, we have vast knowledge about what works and what doesn’t – and we are happy to share this knowledge with you.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements.

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