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  • May222019
    dog-keep cool-blog pic (1)

    6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

    The hottest months of the year are almost here. Humans have plenty of ways to beat the Summer heat but…

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  • May222019
    Dog Being Brushed For Blog (1)

    Spring Time Tips for Brushing Your Dog

    Spring is a time to air out the house, sort through closets and start tackling the garden.  It is also…

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  • Feb022019

    WATCH: Self serve doggy-wash poised to change dog grooming industry

    Until now cleaning your dog meant bathing it at home or taking it to the groomer. That was all fine…

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  • Dec222016
    Grooming Your Dog - Bathing Your Dog

    Why Washing Dogs is Good

    You would be shocked that many still cling to the old wives’ tale of not bathing dogs more than a few times a year. Well, things have changed as it has been found that dogs enjoy shampoos and bath time as much as humans. As long as the shampoos don’t have harsh chemicals which would affect the dog’s skin adversely, regular bathing is recommended, even as frequent as twice a month.

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