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Attract New Customers Dog Wash station Increase  Revenue Dog Wash stationDifferentiate your Business

Add a Dog Wash station to your existing business:

Attracting new customers to grow your customer base, and maximizing revenues are some of the everyday challenges of running a business. Businesses need to differentiate their offering to stand out from their competitors while ensuring they meet customer needs. Adding a Dog Wash station to your existing business – either indoors or outdoors – will not only attract new clientele but also provide you with a continued stream of revenue.

Irrespective of the type of the business you run, the K9000 Dog Wash delivers solid returns for business owners and at the same tine creates very happy customers. With so many households in Canada owning dogs, the potential for increased revenue is enormous. And even if the weather is bad, people still need to take their dogs out for a walk and still need to wash their dogs.

Dog wash store: Looking for a great business to run?

Opening a dog wash store is a great way to earn revenue and requires very little oversight.  As long as you can monitor the store with cameras, and have a self locking door, you can run the store unstaffed and let the dog wash machines do the work for you.  All sales can be monitored remotely.  Contact us for ideas on how to open your own dog wash store.

The K9000 is appropriate for many different businesses, especially those that are looking to attract new customers and increase their revenue.

Typical locations have included:

  • Car Washes
  • Convenience Stores
  • Garages
  • Dog Wash Stores
  • Pet Stores
  • Pet Hospitals
  • Boarding Kennels
  • Doggie Day Care
  • Vet Clinics
  • Municipalities
  • Pet Allowed Apartment Buildings
  • Pet Allowed Resorts
  • Hardware Stores
  • Laundromats
  • Groomers etc.

Already provide Grooming services? Learn how the K9000 can benefit your business.

Return on Investment

Dog Wash station potential market:

With 36.5%1 of Canadian households owning dogs, there exists a potential market in excess of 62,000 dog owners and their dogs (note this assumes only 1 dog per household) needing to be washed regularly.  With costs per dog wash being around $1.20-$1.50 and prices per wash at least $10,  the K9000 is an excellent investment.  Remember, that this price is also configurable by yourself so your profit margins could be even greater especially as we now have a bonus feature at the end of the dry cycle which allows customers to add on additional time at a reduced rate e.g. $4 for another 6 minutes.

Dog Wash station Quick ROI –

The average return on investment is 1- 1.5 years.   This is based on a conservative estimate of 60-70 dogs a week:

60 dogs a week = $510 a week, year $26,520

70 dogs a week = $595 a week, year $30,940

This calculation does not take into consideration increases in the revenue of your existing business.

Because the dog wash station draws more customers into your business, you can expect to see increases of anything from 13% to over 40% in your overall revenue.  In addition, some businesses have experienced sales of 200 dog washes over a weekend – so number of washes will vary depending on location and population in your area.

You can not only potentially pay off your K9000 quickly and also obtain a healthy profit margin. Several of our customers have used the profits from their dog wash to purchase a second dog wash station.

With our K9000 Leasing program you can pay affordable monthly payments while earning profits using the dog wash.

This increases return on investment and meets budgetary goals.  Leasing will help with cash flow and ensures your money stays in the business for operating expenses, payroll, expansion and emergencies.

By leasing you do not affect your future or current ability to borrow from a bank while conserving lines of credit and loans for other expenditure.

It also allows you to purchase more dog washes, and a better quality dog wash such as the K9000 then otherwise might have been affordable.

Leasing maintains a security interest in the equipment on lease only while banks who maintain a security interest on all company assets and require detailed financial disclosure of business and personal information.  Finally, monthly lease payments may have a taxable treatment – speak to your Accountant.

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Key Benefits

There are many benefits from incorporating a K9000 Dog Wash as part of your business.  These include:

Increased customer traffic  –

  • The K9000 attracts new customers that have never been to your business because you now provide a dog wash for them to easily clean their dogs.  These new customers are likely to purchase your products and services while on your site/at your store.  In addition, once they start using the machine they can be converted into regular customers.

Ability to cross sell –

  • You can now use the dog wash to cross sell other products/services you offer.

New revenue –

  • the K9000 generates a steady new source of all year round business income.  Dogs always need to be washed irrespective of the season or the weather.  Many are washed as regularly as once a month.  For the car wash business, this feature means you can continue to generate steady revenue during the off season car wash months.

Ability to sell new products 

  • The dog wash provides an opportunity to sell ancillary products like dog toys, treats or to install washers and dryers specifically for animals.

Value to travellers – 

  • More and more people are taking their dogs with them on vacation. While they are out exploring beaches and forests, their dogs get dirty.  Having a dog wash provides the convenience of washing the dog before going back to the hotel, campground or vacation rental. It also ensures the car stays clean.

Value to customers in the community –

  • Dog owners do not like washing their dogs at home – it is a messy affair. Grooming can be expensive so dog owners are constantly looking for economical ways to keep their dogs clean.  The dog community is a tight knit group.  They will let all the other dog owners know if they find something that benefits them and their dogs.


  • The K9000 can accommodate both small and large dogs and has even been known to be used for cats, ferrets and small horses.  It has many features that make the experience as pleasant as possible for the animal.  Soft mat to stand on, thermostatically controlled warm water, heated high and low dryers, natural shampoo products, transparent door so small animals can see through it, catch chain instead of choke band.  These features make the K9000 stand out from any ubath type installations.

Ability to combine Grooming and Self Wash services – 

  • Many dog owners like to be able to wash their dogs themselves in between grooming.  This does not mean that your grooming business will be affected.  Rather you can leave the lower value washing to the machine and concentrate your groomers on the higher value grooming options.  The machine will also help to supplement income when grooming is slow.

Little maintenance required –

  • The K9000 just keeps on working.  It comes with a one year warranty and optional extended warranties. Local support is also available.

Can run itself – 

  • Valuable staff time does not need to be taken up by managing the Dog Wash.  There is no monitoring of time used, no constant filling up of shampoo bottles, no cleaning of towels, no constant cleaning of the dog wash area.  Machines come with coin and token but can also be fitted with credit/debit card and/or note readers so no money needs to be collected.  The high security lock system means vandalism is avoided.  You could even partition your business so the self serve area remains open 24/7.

Small footprint –

  • The K9000 can be installed either inside or outside your business.  It takes up minimal space.  Outside installations will need to be winterized.

Value for capitalists –

  • The K9000  has a strong resale value. When they are available, second-hand units sell for approximately 75% of the cost of new machines.

Top Reasons to Invest in a K9000 vs Another U-Bath

The K9000 allows for a hands off operation –
  • This means you wont have to dedicate staff to constantly looking after the dog wash.   The K9000 offers the ability for money to be taken at the machine and also a disinfect cycle to keep the dog wash clean.  It can work in a totally unstaffed store as well which means you could run it 24/7.
The K9000 is the only machine to have a three part filtration system
  • Believe me you don’t want to have to constantly clean blocked drains.
Dogs can be washed and dried in 10 minutes or less –
  • 2 small dogs can be washed at once.  This means you can potentially wash 5-6 dogs an hour if you wanted to. No line ups.
  • The design of the K9000 keeps dogs and mess contained.  A regular u-bath gets very messy and is hard on the back.
The K9000 works for pets of all sizes (even a small pony) and great for anxious or senior dogs –
  • Catch chain instead of choke collar, low and high speed heated dryers, transparent door so dogs can see out, soft floor.
Water and shampoos are dispensed at the same time –
  • No messy shampoo bottles that need filling causing a soapy and slippery mess (for customers to slip on)
  • Flea shampoo  is a great draw for customers.
Natural products –
  • Don’t want any customer’s dogs having reactions and suing you.
  • Made of aircraft stainless steel.  Built to last.  Little to no maintenance.  Local supplier.
  • Machines can be branded to fit with your image (additional cost) if desired.
  • Machines now come with optional bilingual (French Canadian/English) instructions and decals.
  • You can lease the K9000.

When you buy a K9000 you are investing in a robust, long term investment that will bring thousands of dollars to your business over the years and is the best marketing tool you can get.

Differentiate your Business

Proven Technology

The K9000 Dog Wash uses the same robust technology and construction techniques of the car wash industry – modified as well as adapted for dog washing. Since the stainless steel machine requires minimal maintenance, and is highly durable to cope with a variety of work loads and conditions.

All K9000 components are carefully selected and also manufactured from scratch.

Our engineers are continually working to improve the product, while we test these innovations at our concept store at K9000 headquarters.

The secret to the K9000’s success is its ease of installation in a wide variety of sites and still its long term fail-safe operation with proven reliable components. Our satisfied clients request to keep the same version of the K9000 Self Serve Dog Wash because of its reliability and exceptional return on investment.

A Well Recognised Brand

In other words the K9000 is a world leader in dog wash stations. It is a solid, well recognised brand that carries a very strong reputation for performance as well as reliability. Since the flawless product enjoys great word-of-mouth endorsement – all a potential owner or operator need do is ask users of the K9000 what they think, or watch the tail-wagging dogs emerge after being cleaned, to see how popular it is.

Want to know more about how the K9000® can bring additional revenue into your existing business?  Contact us today.


 “We have just opened our new automotive and dog washing facility in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia We have recently purchased, received and installed our new Furever Clean K9000 dog washing unit. We are very impressed with how quick and easy it was to purchase and install the unit.  Evelyn Rutherford and Furever Clean have been exceptional in assisting with all details and questions we had. 10/10!

We couldn’t be happier with the K9000 unit and how well it works, also how quick and easy it is to wash our dogs. Our customers love the unit. Easily cleans, conditions and drys their dogs in ten minutes or less. There is no quicker and effective dog washing equipment. Our Furever Clean dog treat vending machine provides delicious and healthy treats that dogs love,  and the machine makes it quick and easy for our customers. Thank you Evelyn and Furever Clean for your fantastic work.  Great job!!!”

 Alex Pittman, Owner, Mikiz Pitt Stop and Doggie Wash, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

“What influenced my decision to buy a K9000 was the Self Sufficiency part of the dog wash and its features. No bottles of shampoo to deal with,  2 speed drier etc. The K9000 is so easy to look after that my staff can take care of both the customers and the tub.  All they do is a quick wipe here and there and the machine and the area stays clean and dry.  The K9000 has great visual impact, it is a feature that makes my overall business look nicer and neater .”

Mike Trimble, Owner, Woofys Pet Store,  Comox, British Columbia

The k9000 dog wash is the quickest and most efficient way to get your dog clean! With the water and soap coming out of the hose at the same time, the dogs coat gets wet and lathered in a quarter the time it would take with a bath at home. I’ve personally been able to fully clean my own 3 dogs(a 70lb boxer and 2 long haired dachshunds) in just 10 minutes!

Virginia, Manager, Woofys Pet Store,  Comox, British Columbia