Smallest K9000 Dog Wash Machine
  • High-grade stainless steel. Built to highest standards
  • Configurable price/time
  • 2 pump choices from Shampoo/Flea Shampoo/Conditioner and Disinfect
  • Pause feature
  • Configurable Bonus Time
  • 2-speed Turbo Dryer
  • Available with English or French/English Decal Instructions
  • MDB Keypad controller
  • Free/monetized washes
  • Hair free non-slip floor
  • 3rd Generation advanced hair filtration system


  • Additional pumps can be added
  • Credit/Debit payment
  • Onboard hot water heater
  • Customizable Decals

The K9000 Compact is a smaller version of the K9000 Standard but with many of the same, great features. Robust and low on maintenance.  Very easy to use.  This machine is ideal for small spaces / condos.  Fits small to medium sized dogs.  This machine needs to be operated in an environment which is at least 5 degrees c. Winterization is required if leaving outside in winter months.

Typical site requirements: L 5’.5”  W 1’.10” H 5’.9”

110v or 208-240v, hot and cold water, drain.  Weight 375 lbs.

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